Calm Noise-Jittery Pets with Grounding

What do Independence Day celebrations and thunderstorms have in common?

Lots of fireworks and noise.  Snap, crackle, and pop activity that petrifies many pets.

Grounding can de-petrify and calm them.

Some years ago a woman in New York State told us about the calming effect of grounding on her eight-year old male retired racing greyhound.  “Chip” was anxious and fearful of loud sounds.

“He had an amazing mental change after three weeks sleeping on an Earthing mat,” she said.  “Usually before a storm he would pant, pace, and shake and then hide in the bedroom until the storm was over.  With grounding, when a storm started, he calmly got up and walked into the bedroom and went to sleep. And, he slept right thru the 4th of July fireworks!”

We received also a similar account from a Pennsylvania man about “Kobi,” his elderly Australian Shepherd.


“The dog gets notoriously frightened by thunder and lightning,” he wrote.  “To the point where his panting, pacing, and shaking can become scary.  We’ve either picked him up in bed now that he’s too old to jump up on his own, or I’ve laid down on the floor next to him.  Tonight, around 2 am, with the onset of lightning, he started barking for me to let  him out.

“After a few minutes, once it started raining, he barked again to let him in. While panting and pacing, it hit me to use the Earthing mat and put it to the test.  Since he was laying down already (and panting), I connected it, and placed it under his back paws and legs, which was most convenient for me.

“In a short time, I noticed he changed positions on the floor, his front left paw and head/jaw resting on the mat (see the adjacent picture).  As I write this message,’Kobi’ continues to be in the same position, as calm, quiet, and still as he could possibly be. This is a first for him during a storm event.”

If you have a noise-sensitive pet with storm or Fourth of July jitters, consider a grounding mat.  Just place it on the floor and connect it.  Animals are drawn to mats and other grounding products, and benefit the same as we do, as is described in the Earthing book and these two articles:

You can find grounding mats at amazon.con or

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