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● Janhavi Patankar (February 2023): “Wish to share my experience with the Ground Patches. It was sometime in the month of November 2022 when I noticed a very tiny pustule just under my chin. It wasn’t causing much pain or discomfort thus thought it might subside on its own , perhaps hormonal changes etc . …

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Ankylosing Spondylitis

● MP, 65, retired nurse, Indio, California (2020): “When I first began grounding I did not have the immediate results that I have read about others having.  In fact I felt worse. I had more fatigue & pain. I have an autoimmune condition (Ankylosing Spondylitis), chronic pain, as well as migraines. You encouraged me to …

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Ankle Pain

● From Veena Vikram Bingle, July 2022: “When I started Earthing I was apprehensive and not sure whether I would be able to do it. But Jhanvi instilled confidence and encouraged me. A month later there was no looking back for me, although I did take a break in between. Today my journey with earthing/grounding …

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Knee arthritis

● “My wife is an ex-dancer, and developed wear-and-tear arthritis in her knees, quite severely in the right knee. She doesn’t want to take medication or undergo knee replacement surgery. For the last eight years she has been sleeping grounded, and has no problem sleeping. During the afternoon she will apply a patch to each …

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● Jim Funk, 70, Florida (2020): “Addiction: Earthing, (feet on the ground), has been crucial for my ongoing recovery from online video game addiction. (1 decade/1- 5 hours daily/ 6 months of recovery). In 15-30 minutes of earthing, I consistently become calmer, happier, more focused, and spiritually connected. Earthing is more available than video games, …

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● Marie de Croy, Belgium (English translation from French) Regarding my testimony, here is a summary. I am 73 years old. Since 2014, I have suffered from atrial fibrillation, without hypertension. In my opinion, but I only understood it in 2018, following intensive use of an iPad on my knees, since 2013! I had a …

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Accelerated Healing from Surgery

No Pain or Inflammation after Hip Replacement From Gail Margaret Rhodes, Fairfield, Iowa (October 2018): “I am a very active 80 year old in excellent health. I spend as much time outdoors as possible. I grew up spending summers barefoot and have for many decades walked barefoot at sunrise, celebrating my deep connection with Mother …

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Anemia Disorders

Thalassemia From Selda Burkill (October 2022): Earthing success story! I’ve been low on iron stores since birth due to being a carrier of thalassemia. Since Covid I’ve been sleeping on an earthing sheet every night and using a mat during the day. Every now and then I get to go barefoot outside too. Found out …

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