Conditions :”A”

● From Veena Vikram Bingle, July 2022: “When I started Earthing I was apprehensive and not sure whether I would be able to do it. But Jhanvi instilled confidence and encouraged me. A month later there was no looking back for me, although I did take a break in between. Today my journey with earthing/grounding …

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● Marie de Croy, Belgium (English translation from French) Regarding my testimony, here is a summary. I am 73 years old. Since 2014, I have suffered from atrial fibrillation, without hypertension. In my opinion, but I only understood it in 2018, following intensive use of an iPad on my knees, since 2013! I had a …

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Accelerated Healing from Surgery

No Pain or Inflammation after Hip Replacement From Gail Margaret Rhodes, Fairfield, Iowa (October 2018): “I am a very active 80 year old in excellent health. I spend as much time outdoors as possible. I grew up spending summers barefoot and have for many decades walked barefoot at sunrise, celebrating my deep connection with Mother …

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Anemia Disorders

Thalassemia From Selda Burkill (October 2022): Earthing success story! I’ve been low on iron stores since birth due to being a carrier of thalassemia. Since Covid I’ve been sleeping on an earthing sheet every night and using a mat during the day. Every now and then I get to go barefoot outside too. Found out …

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See this short video interview of teachers talking about Earthing’s potential for autism Observations on Earthing and autism. From Clint Ober: Based on our experience, grounding at night, with perhaps an Earthing bed mat, can improve sleep. It may help to also ground during the day, such as being barefoot outdoors in yard or on …

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Asthma gone after two years, double pneumonia cleared up rapidly. From Mike Williams in Fleet, Hampshire, England (2020): “I used to regularly pick up colds, and having been diagnosed with asthma since I was aged 7 (I am now 46!), I also suffered with chest complications. In early 2018 I was hospitalized with double pneumonia …

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Arthritis (Osteo)

For rheumatoid arthritis, click here. Hand arthritis ● From Danilo Psico, an electronics engineer in Sao Paulo (2020):  I would like to share the experience of my grandmother, 86. She has osteoarthritis in her hands and after only six days of sleeping with Earthing patches on the palms (one on each palm), she is able …

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● Vicki Jung, 73, Kirkland, WA, licensed mental health counselor (2020): “I have been using Earthing indoor products since 2015, including mats, earthing sheet, a grounding pad in my office chair (3 days a week for 7 hours a day. I have a mat under my computer and on my couch where I lie down. …

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Accelerated Healing

● includes relief from back, chest, and soft tissue damage following accidents, arthritic pain, and headache, and enhanced recovery from leg ulcers, hernia, swelling, poor circulation, and insect stings.   One quadriplegic’s amazing healing story   ● Jason Parkinson, of Sequim, Washington, is a quadriplegic with extraordinary courage and optimism. He suffered a severed cervical spine in …

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