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Elbow Pain

● “My 26 years as a contractor have produced different physical problems and pains. I just started using the bands for my elbow and I have to admit it is working very good so far as it has reduced my pain about 80%. I started my journey back to health 12 years ago, but I …

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Eyes & Vision

• From William David Martínez, Chimayo New Mexico (August 2022): I started “earthing” to relieve my hip pain.  After several application of my grounding patch; I realized that applying the patch on the base of my spinal column gave me the best result.  After a couple of weeks my hip pain was completely gone and …

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It has been our observation over the years that individuals who say they are electro-sensitive to wireless and other electromagnetic fields (EMFs) often suffer with exhausted adrenal glands. That could mean, in many cases, a background of stress has drained the glands where stress hormones are produced. As a result, the calming (parasympathetic) response in …

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A Brief Guide to Earthing


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