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● Donna Tisdale, real estate broker, Nashville, TN (2020): “Way back in 2007, I first heard about sleeping grounded was from Dr. Jim Oschman, who was friends with my rolfer. I remember purchasing Earthing sheets in November.  “My mother is no longer incontinent, no longer has shoulder pain for over years and couldn’t raise her right …

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● From Jennifer Watanabe, 64, Pearl City, Hawaii: “For 6 years I had an undiagnosed infection on the right back side of my tongue. It was hard to eat, swallow or spit. VOILA! Within 1 day of Earthing, it was completely gone! I just walked barefoot outside on wet grass for couple of hours. I …

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● From an 86-year old insomniac: “I had been suffering a sleeping problem for years. Waking up after fifteen to thirty minutes and being unable to get back to sleep again. I discovered Earthing and have never looked back. Asleep almost as soon as my head hits the pillow, never open my eyes again for …

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