Conditions :”K”

Knee surgery

● Janhavi Patankar (January 2023): “Laxmi Lodiya..86 ..nearly 87 years YOUNG has been Earthing at Jogger’s Park since December 2021… His commitment and dedication towards Earthing is truly praiseworthy and our big inspiration here. He was due for his knee replacement for the left knee in December 2021 but after 3 months of regular Earthing …

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Knee arthritis

● “My wife is an ex-dancer, and developed wear-and-tear arthritis in her knees, quite severely in the right knee. She doesn’t want to take medication or undergo knee replacement surgery. For the last eight years she has been sleeping grounded, and has no problem sleeping. During the afternoon she will apply a patch to each …

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Kidney Disease

In 2019, a doctor reported a fascinating reversal of advanced kidney disease.  He said that a friend’s brother had kidney failure due to bad hypertension. “He had 21% kidney function and was told by his doctors to prepare for a deathly outcome during his hospitalization.  I had spoken enthusiastically about Earthing and he decided to …

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