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● “Four weeks ago I had a stroke and I lost my ability to swallow. It is got to be one of the worst injuries I could imagine. I spent 1 week in the hospital and 2 weeks in the rehab center. I was told when someone loses their ability to swallow due to a …

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● From Knollis Edward Byrd, New Albany, MS (2020):  “I have had sinusitis for several years, confirmed twice by cat scan.  Nose clogged every knighted.  Treated with antibiotics, prescriptions, saline wash.  Did not help. I could not use a CPAP.  I have been Earthing for two weeks, using a grounded pillowcase and arm band, and …

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• Two police officer video testimonials:  “Quality of Sleep Improved…less physical pain!” Video 1 Video 2 • From a nurse: “I have been grounded since March 2013.  I could write a book on the benefits I’ve seen on myself and others.  Among other things, the anxiety that comes with a high stress job is seriously diminished.” • “I feel …

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Deeper and more restful sleep is one of the most common benefits of grounding. ● Video: “Sleeping through the night for the first time in five years.” ● Video: “Falling asleep fast, and waking up refreshed.” ● One doctor who has been recommending Earthing to his patients for 10 years said this: “The first feedback I …

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Sex Life

No studies have been done on Earthing and sexual wellness, but we can certainly suggest that Earthing’s effect on the entire physiology implies the potential for an improved sex life. Earthing boosts the way the body functions: a lessening of pain, due to a lessening of inflammation; uplifting of mood; a normalizing effect on the …

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Skin Disorders

Acne          One Teenager’s Story Ashley: I started getting acne when I was 12. My mom tried a lot of different things to make it go away. Nothing worked. We changed my diet, tried creams, and was even considering prescription medicine. Stacy – As a mother I felt so helpless trying to find …

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