Earthing can help kids of all ages, even premature infants.

In 2017, doctors at Penn State University discovered that Earthing may boost the resilience of premature infants and lower the risk of complications.  More details here.

Relief from Croup

(Common to infants and children, Croup causes breathing difficulty and a “barking” cough.  The cause is swelling around the vocal cords.)

From filmmaker Rebecca Tickell, co-creator of “The Earthing Movie” (2019):

“During the first three years of our daughter’s life, she would periodically turn blue in the middle of the night and we would rush her to the emergency room. She had inherited the croup that my husband and I had as children. Her throat would become so inflamed that she couldn’t breathe. Doctors would give her a breathing treatment and a dose of steroids. We were deeply distressed by this recurring crisis. The treatment wasn’t solving the underlying issue…inflammation.

“The day we discovered Earthing our lives changed. In the two years since our daughter started sleeping grounded she has not had to go to the ER once!  The inflammation stopped immediately.  Her immune system suddenly had big firepower.  What a relief!

“A side benefit has been my own transformation.  For years I struggled with depression and weight.  I used to weigh an average of 140 pounds, and after the birth of our second child I couldn’t seem to get the baby weight off.  I began Earthing, and in 10 months my hormones and mental health balanced.  I lost 80 pounds and have been steady at 120 pounds for months!  I feel and look better than ever.  I had a surge in my libido and I was motivated to start making healthy choices.

“The well-being of our whole family has transformed. People who have known me for years literally don’t recognize me. They all tell me I look stunning. I hear the same question everyday: ‘what did you do?’  

“I respond by asking them, ‘have you heard of Earthing?'”

Change of temperament

• From a mother/doctor in Australia: “After one month of grounding I have noticed a change in temperament of my four-year-old daughter. She has become calm, composed, and very happy! She wakes up in a happy mood and remains that way all day. It is a marked change in her.

“I personally have experienced a calming effect, improved sleep, and normalisation of sleep patterns. It was amazing how quickly we experienced these changes. It really has improved our quality of life!”

Three months later, she reported that “my daughter and I have continued to benefit.  We have seen…a decrease in the number of episodes of wheezing that she has experienced. Although she is not asthmatic, she has on occasion had wheezing (it is hard for us to know what may have triggered these), but since Earthing she has had virtually none. She has continued to sleep very well, and wake happy and content.

“I have noticed for myself a decrease in anxiousness (something which I have previously been prone to).”

A Brief Guide to Earthing


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