• From a mother/doctor in Australia: “After one month of grounding I have noticed a change in temperament of my four-year-old daughter. She has become calm, composed, and very happy! She wakes up in a happy mood and remains that way all day. It is a marked change in her.

“I personally have experienced a calming effect, improved sleep, and normalisation of sleep patterns. It was amazing how quickly we experienced these changes. It really has improved our quality of life!”

Three months later, she reported that “my daughter and I have continued to benefit.  We have seen…a decrease in the number of episodes of wheezing that she has experienced. Although she is not asthmatic, she has on occasion had wheezing (it is hard for us to know what may have triggered these), but since Earthing she has had virtually none. She has continued to sleep very well, and wake happy and content.

“I have noticed for myself a decrease in anxiousness (something which I have previously been prone to).”