COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)

● From George, 81, in Scotland, who first contacted us in 2012 telling us how Earthing has helped his various health conditions, including severe COPD, from smoking and working with asbestos as a carpenter earlier in life, and motor neuron disease (MND), a condition that affects all muscles in the throat, hands, feet, and legs, as well as balance. He can’t walk or talk very well. Over the years he has continued using a mat on the floor during breakfast and one in bed that helps with leg cramps. “Earthing has helped keep the MND and COPD at bay,” he now says. “And I haven’t had colds or flu in over 15 years.”

● From Rick Lodge (October 2021): I am a seventy-year-old man. I have a friend who sent me a link to Clint Ober’s Earthing Movie. I watched it, yes with some skepticism but also some curiosity. I have COPD. It has gotten to a serious point. I am on numerous medications and the real possibility of being put on oxygen. I did some research and decided to give it a try. I live in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. My house is on a 10 acre piece of land. This time of year (late summer and early fall) there is plenty of opportunity to walk or sit outside with my bare feet in the grass. July 30, 2021 I set up a chair in the yard and sat with my bare feet on the grass for one half hour. The first thing I noticed was a sort of pleasant tingling in my feet and legs. It was a most enjoyable feeling. I have been Earthing every day for a little over 3 months. A short time has past and I have been earthing for a little over 3 months. Living in Northern New Hampshire it is obvious to me my days of outdoor grounding will end in late Fall and Winter. So already quite certain there was something here…for my lung function I purchased a mat to place under my computer table so I could be grounded while at my computer. I also purchased a Patch Kit that would enable me to place grounding patches directly over my lungs. Finally the best is a bed mat so that I sleep entirely grounded. All of the above affords me the opportunity to Earth for approximately 600 minutes or 10 hours per day. I smoked for decades and did a lot of damage to my lungs. I don’t expect them to repair totally in a short or any long period of time. I do want to say this. My breathing is without a doubt improved DRAMATICALLY since I started earthing. I am using a “rescue inhaler” half of what I used to. When I become SOB (short of breath) I catch my breath much easier. I sleep soundly. Earthing does something even more interesting. It has made my general attitude and feelings much more positive. I combine it at times with meditation and the results are nothing short of beautiful. After a session like that I am relaxed and positive. I whole heartedly recommend EVERYBODY get involved with earthing and or grounding. It is a game changer. It has improved my life so much and it can do the same for you.

● Eczema and COPD improved − a woman in the U.K.: “I have been Earthing for more than two years. I started with an Earthing sheet which seemed to help with night sweats but I was far from convinced. Next I tried an Earthing mat which I used in all sorts of ways on computer, resting my feet on whilst watching TV, etc. My arthritic foot improved noticeably; the swelling went down and I thought my knees did not ache so much. I decided to ‘flood’ my body with Earthing processes as my ailments were all inflammation based. My lifelong eczema disappeared leaving just one 2 cm mild patch that only flares up now and again. I came off the steroid creams. I realized that astonishingly I no longer suffer from hay fever. I have more energy and my chronic obstructive pulmonary disease improved so much that I resumed my rambling walks. I am glad that I stuck with it.”

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