Earthing Products

Where can you purchase Earthing products?

There are many websites where you can buy grounding products. Original Earthing products, designed by Clint Ober, are available at and and its network of distributors.

Why should people buy a grounding product, like a mat or band, when they can simply go barefoot outside?

Barefoot is indeed the natural way to go. And also to sleep on the ground. Or use conductive footwear and bedding made from animal skins.  Such practices were part of the ordinary way of life throughout history.  No longer.  We rarely go outside barefoot, except as kids romping during the summer, or on beach holidays.  We wear insulating shoes and we sleep on elevated beds.

Earthing products were created to address the issue of comfort, convenience, reality, and practicality. The products are basically “extension cords” that bring the Earth’s energy outside into the office and home inside – simulating being barefoot outside. They were developed to accommodate the research process and to satisfy a continually growing demand of people wanting to sleep, work, or relax grounded for all the reasons we present in the Earthing book.

Do Earthing products run on electricity?

No. They simply ground you by transferring the Earth’s energy through the ground port of a properly grounded outlet or from a ground rod placed directly in the Earth. The energy passes through a cord to the conductive Earthing product specially designed for human grounding. When your body comes in contact with an Earthing product you absorb the Earth’s energy. Earthing products are like “barefoot substitutes,” enabling you to receive the outside energy of the Earth inside your home or office.

Can you become electrocuted if you use an Earthing product?

No. Earthing products and the cords that connect them are designed only to conduct the Earth’s energy to you.  They do not conduct any electrical power that operates your lights and appliances. You connect your Earthing product to the ground (earth) contact of a wall outlet or to a ground rod planted in the soil outside. All Earthing cords have a built-in 100 kilo-Ohms resistor providing protection in the unlikely case of an electric current flowing into the grounding wire such as when you touch a metallic object or appliance that is electrically charged due to a short-circuit in it.

Should you unplug your mat or other Earthing products when not in use?

No need to unplug them.  Just leave them plugged in at the outlet unless you are going to move them to another room. Earthing products don’t “run” on electricity. They aren’t running up any bill when you leave them plugged in.

How is this different from various therapeutic systems that simulate the frequencies of the Earth?

Such devices utilize pulsed electromagnet fields (PEMF) and indeed have many benefits. These fields, however, do not contain any electrons, and thus cannot deliver electrons to the body as does Earthing.  Earthing products conduct the electrons of the Earth (and their vibratory frequencies) into your body and serve as extension cords from the Earth to you. The electrons and their frequencies include all of the subtleties inherent in Nature that our bodies have attuned to throughout history. Earthing is totally natural.

Is it safe for a pet dog or cat to come in contact with an Earthing mat or other product?

Yes. Animals naturally want to spend time in contact with the Earth. Many indoor pets share our lifestyle and never make contact with the ground outside. People report that pets indoors are attracted to grounding products. We have written an article on this subject here.

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