From Janhavi Patankar, May 14 2022: “A feedback from an Experiential Learning..Used EARTHING PATCHES on my 15 year old son for nearly 14 hours including 7 hours overnight on his palm and also the Elite Pillow Cover .He was running high fever with severe cold .He was only on 3 doses of PCM along with the regular home remedies which was always given. He recovered within a day which was for the FIRST time in 15 years. It usually takes 4 to 5 days to recover and invariably he would have had to be on antibiotics. I was truly thrilled to see the Instant and fantastic effect of the Earthing patches. A lot of electrolytes were also given as recommended by Clint Ober especially once u start to Earth overnight….It’s been 48 hours since his recovery took place. He continues to Earth on the Elite Pillow Cover.”

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