Frequent Urination

• From a 50-year-old male: “I have been sleeping and working grounded for more than two years and have had the most positive health changes of any product or lifestyle change I have ever been a part of. I used to get up 1-2 times a night to urinate, now it is only 1-2 times per week. My doctor confirmed my decade long enlarged prostate was now not enlarged.

“My knees feel they are 20 years old. I have no aches and pains anymore. My sinuses and allergies are 99% better than they were before Earthing. There can be no other reason for these changes in my health except grounding.”

• From a 75-year-old woman in Finland: “No need to go the toilet in the night since sleeping grounded.  I wake up refreshed.”

• From another woman (59) in Finland: I don’t urinate frequently in the night anymore. Before I woke up at least 3-5 times every night. When I sleep, I sleep like a log for 6-7 hours usually. I have noticed I have no more headaches. Before I had at least once a week.”

• “I am 80 (male) and in good health. About 10 months ago I started about 45 minutes per day of being grounded during some walking and some sitting.  Within a few days my 3 nightly toilet calls dropped to 2, and in 3-4 more weeks became 1. In the last 2 weeks I have had 2 nights with no getting up. Inflammation in fingers decreasing, and better sleep.”

• “I am a 77 year old male. My experience so far with the Earthing sheet has been phenomenal. Instead of waking up every hour of the night, I now wake up once or twice a night and even then do not feel the urgency of needing to relieve myself. Instead of turning and tossing all night, I will wake up in the same position I went to sleep in four or five hours earlier. Even with sleep aids, I would typically lie awake at least an hour before going to sleep at night. Now, as soon as I find a comfortable position, I’m out like a light.”

• “I’m a male, 76,suffering from arthritis and enlarged prostate, but generally healthy.  I have had a remarkable improvement in both my arthritis pain level and also my prostate has improved.  I can now sleep right through the night, without having to get up for a pee.  I am not completely over it yet; but as we have only been using the grounding sheet and mat for about a month, I suspect that it will only get better.  I feel much more relaxed and not so tired and grumpy during the day.”

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