Melanie Vallee wrote (Kirkland, WA, February, 2021):

I am so incredibly grateful for your work and for creating the healing grounding pads. I sleep on one every night and set my feet on one every day. Your research along with the grounding pads you created have truly saved my life. 

I lost my son unexpectedly from an accidental overdose in November of 2019, just three months after he graduated from WSU and three months before the Covid-19 shutdown occurred. I was in more pain than I could spiritually hold and was sometimes afraid I wouldn’t make it. Synchronously, I found your book while doing research for my Ph.D. I’m researching earth-based practices and modalities that reduce depression and addiction while increasing consciousness, spiritually, and creativity in September, two months before his physical body past on.

I immediately bought an earthing pad for myself, my family and for each of the therapists that work for me. I also bought an earthing blanket and pillow case. I literally wrapped momma earth all around me and let her hold my broken heart and broken spirit until my heart started beating again on its own. 

I know the grounding pads helped because by chance, they got unplugged from the wall unbeknownst to me. I couldn’t sleep for days and couldn’t figure out why and secretly thought to myself, “Wow, I was starting to think these grounding pads were really working”.  When it was time for me to change my sheets, I saw it was disconnected and thought, “Wow, it wasn’t a placebo. They really do work!” I tell anyone who will listen how the earthing has saved my life and how I wished my son would have been able to experience them. 

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