Heart attack and related conditions

● CG, male, 74, and wife, 66, from Utah. “I’m in pretty good health. Had a heart attack about 12 years ago, have recovered from that. Do power walks (with interval anerobics) 5 days a week and lift weight 3 times a week. We have an Earthing 1/2 Sheet that works so well for both me and my wife, we travel with it. Get great sleep. Also have Earthing foot mats at the computer desk and one at the chair where I sit and read. Since starting grounding about 6 years ago, I average about 12 hours a day. Heart issues seemed to have gone away. My cardiologist says whatever I’m doing, keep doing it. My wife has pretty bad arthritis, and Earthing makes the pain go away. We just feel better. My heart, maybe 90% improvement. My wife’s arthritis, 90% improvement. When we have traveled overseas we take a 1/2 sheet with us, wake up next morning absolutely no jet lag.”

Heart failure

● An elderly Australian couple: “Our benefits have been quite remarkable after a month of Earthing. My wife, Anni, 74, is a stroke victim and has heart failure. She is on warfarin (Coumadin), and after only a couple of days of sleeping on a grounded sheet, she was able to drop her dose of warfarin from 5mg to 2mg, She is also sleeping much better and generally feeling better and less stressful. Myself, 76, suffering from arthritis and benign prostatic hypertrophy, but generally healthy, have had a remarkable improvement in both my arthritis pain level and also my prostate. I can now sleep right through the night, without having to get up for a wee. I feel much more relaxed and not so tired and grumpy during the day.”

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