From a man in Australia: “I must say when I first heard about Earthing from my daughter I was very sceptical, however, when you are elderly (76) and in pain, stiff and uncomfortable you will usually give anything a go. Things didn’t happen overnight for me but I persisted with it and I can now certainly see and feel the wonderful benefits of Earthing – who would have thought it was so simple as connecting to a bit of ground outside. About 10 years ago I had a very big operation where my whole body was virtually cut in half due to oesophagus cancer – thankfully I survived, however, I have suffered quite a lot of pain in various parts of my body over the years and have tried many creams and some medications to help. One of the first benefits I noticed with Earthing was the circulation, reduced swelling and colour in my legs from using the Earthing Mat – I can now get around without having to wear my long, tight circulation stockings – which caused me so much grief every morning just to get the damn things on. The colour and tone of my legs have greatly improved and I now have less aches and pains in them. I started using the Earthing body band around my back and chest as I often suffer from a lot of pain where my scars are and an absolutely amazing thing happened unexpectedly. I have a protruding hernia on the front of my stomach and when I was treating my back I pulled the band over my hernia for comfort then quite unexpectedly I noticed that my hernia become much softer instead of a hard mass and had actually shrunk . This actually fascinated me so I started measuring around my stomach and over a period of a couple of months the hernia actually shrunk about 3” and now feels like part of my body instead of a hard rock – its appearance and colour is also now more pleasing as well. I now sleep grounded as well as connect to the body band when in bed and this has allowed me to get a good night’s sleep pain free and am usually off to sleep in about 3 minutes. I have early stages of Prostate Cancer and would get up several times a night – now I only get up once early in the morning and generally get straight back to sleep. I am on Warfarin (blood thinning medication) and I would get my levels checked every 2 weeks where the readings would always be erratic – sometimes I would have to reduce the dose and other times increase – it was always all over the place. Since I started Earthing I am only getting monitored every month and my levels have remained constant and balanced. I’m feeling pretty good now – not perfect but better and until prompted to think about what Earthing has done to me I actually forgot about some of the areas I had pain in my body which has completely gone now and I’ve just forgotten about it – because if pains gone it doesn’t worry you and you’re happy. I now tell everyone I meet about this simple way to help with pain and inflammation in the body – I just wished I had known about it many, many years ago.”

A Brief Guide to Earthing


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