Hip Pain

● From Teresa in Wisconsin (2020): “Almost 30 years ago I had a spinal problem that was misdiagnosed. I had been walking oddly to protect my back and my hip started to hurt. The doctors here told me it was all my back. By the time the surgeon in Minneapolis saw me he told me he could fix the back but the hip was “forever” and that I would have to have my hip replaced at some point but to hang in there as long as I could. It has hurt to a certain degree every day since then. In January 2020 it got so bad that I could not lift my foot even 6 inches, was doing the one step up and down stairs for fear of falling and it was waking me up multiple times at night. Was seriously considering looking into the replacement. A family member got me some earthing patches and cord. Even though my husband said it was woo woo, I decided to try. So, I started doing it each evening for an hour or so. Never had any bad effects didn’t really feel anything but within two weeks I was so much improved that I bought a 1/2 sheet for my bed. Now 6 weeks from when I started, I have minimal hip pain. I can be on my feet all day without it hurting. I no longer feel like the tin man when I get up in the morning with the aches and pains of being 65. I am starting to recommend it to my friends. It may not fix everything but it does work. P.S.: My cat and dog love to lay on it. Figure they know what’s good for them.”

● “I am a non-professional athlete who has been running since childhood. I had shoulder pain from a fall on a local running trail in August 2009, left hip pain for years, a tweaked neck, and was recovering from a sprained ankle a month before (that was not my year!). After one hour of Earthing, the pain in all areas nearly vanished. I went through the change three years ago and could not sleep a full night without waking up multiple times from pain of past injuries and a noisy living environment. Since sleeping on my Earthing sheet, all has changed. For the first time in three years, I have been sleeping a full night sleep with dreams. I feel more balanced, my friends say I look younger now, and I have a renewed zest for life!”

● From a woman in Australia: “For a few years I was experiencing bursitis pain in my right hip that moves down toward my leg and knee. I was not able to lie on my right side. I’ve been using a grounding sheet for four weeks and now my hip pain is gone. I noticed an improvement within a few days. I can now lie on my side quite comfortably without pain. I no longer need the painkillers at night. Nor do I wake up as before during the night with pain. I sleep better at night and wake up feeling more refreshed, with more energy during the day. I recently spent an entire day in my garden. Normally by night time my legs and arms would ache. However, sleeping on the grounding sheet my body felt rested and refreshed and I felt little pain the next day. Normally after a day in the garden I would have quite sore muscles that would take 48 hours to recover. Not any more now. I have spent thousands of dollars on treatments for my hip but until now have never experienced total pain free. Now with grounding this is happening.”

● From Karen Ball, 63, massage therapist, Beaverton, OR: “In July 2011, I started sleeping on an Earthing sheet. In recent years, my hip pain and restrictions had increased to the point where at times I couldn’t manage anything greater than a 4-inch stride. I am a tall woman with a 36-inch inseam. I was barely able to get my leg over the side of a tub and had to lift my leg with my hands to get into bed or to get into a car. Gradually, I’ve been able to extend my stride to 18 inches on a good day. That’s not much for a woman of my age with very long legs, but it is so much better, and it has been getting better all the time.

“I still walk with a cane most of the time, but when I don’t my side-to-side hip sway is less than half of what it was before. The sway increases pain so I use the cane to minimize the sway. It provides support as I get better. My ability to bend my knees has increased. I can cross either leg over center now and I could not before. I can lift things now that before would cause severe pain in the hip. I have been able to do yard work on my half acre, walk readily back and forth to the chicken coop, and sometimes get in a total of a mile-and-a-half of daily walking. I am working continually to strengthen the weak leg muscles so that maybe one day I will be able to walk without a cane. Meanwhile, it looks as if I am pushing off further into the future a hip replacement that I was supposed to have at one time.

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