Kidney Disease

In 2019, a doctor reported a fascinating reversal of advanced kidney disease.  He said that a friend’s brother had kidney failure due to bad hypertension. “He had 21% kidney function and was told by his doctors to prepare for a deathly outcome during his hospitalization.  I had spoken enthusiastically about Earthing and he decided to do in a very robust manner.  After grounding ‘as much as possible’ with Earthing bands and mat for over six months, he baffled his doctors with better control of his blood pressure and kidney function of 60%!!!”

When the doctor reported this on an Earthing Facebook page, several individuals responded.

One man said, “I have 74% loss of R kidney from hydronephrosis, had surgery to remove obstruction 3 yrs ago. I ground daily and last check up, it was running fine, zero problems. I don’t know if that meant down to zero loss of function or not, but I know it is not getting any worse. I do bare feet on wet grass in am sunlight, then periodically during day and eve.”

And from a women describing her husband’s improvement: “He was at stage 4 kidney function due to high blood pressure. Now he is at stage 3. Sleeping on a grounding throw has also helped lower his blood pressure!”

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