Knee Pain

● “For eight years I suffered 24/7 from considerable leg pain due to neuropathy. After some 18 to 20 months of sleeping grounded on an Earthing sheet, my legs are completely healed of the neuropathy. For two and half years now, I’ve had no problem with neuropathy. What worked for me may not work for everyone, but this is my result. I have a left shoulder that has been seriously injured three times in my life, and I attach three or four grounding patches to it each night as I sleep and by the next morning 90-95% of the pain is gone. I’ve also used the patches to relieve the pain of a bum knee, back pain, headaches, sore throats, pain in my hands, and to prevent leg cramps. When I feel cramping coming on, I quickly attach an Earthing patch to the muscle in question and the tendency to cramping immediately stops.” (U.S.)

● From a review of the Earthing book on Amazon (2020): “So I thought this was a bunch of quackery. However, after watching Clint’s documentary, decided to try this earthing thing out. I’ve been earthing almost every day by going barefoot on the grass and dirt. Miraculously, my painful and swollen knee has improved and swelling gone down? Also, I’ve lost some weight? I’m thinking because earthing reduces stress and in return reduces cortisol. I suffer from arthritis pain throughout and now I hardly have any? I am convinced this is the real deal. Have made earthing a Lifestyle.”

  ● “I have a sore knee nearly always from riding thousands of racehorses over the years with very short stirrups. I have been using a grounding band just above my knee at night…and whilst doing yoga. The pain is nearly gone altogether… amazing!” (Australia)

• From a 50-year-old male: “My knees feel they are 20 years old. I have no aches and pains anymore. My sinuses and allergies are 99% better than they were before Earthing. There can be no other reason for these changes in my health except grounding.”

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