Knee surgery

● Janhavi Patankar (January 2023): “Laxmi Lodiya..86 ..nearly 87 years YOUNG has been Earthing at Jogger’s Park since December 2021…

His commitment and dedication towards Earthing is truly praiseworthy and our big inspiration here.

He was due for his knee replacement for the left knee in December 2021 but after 3 months of regular Earthing on the grass and then using the Earthing products from April 2022, he now doesn’t need to undergo the knee replacement.

In fact, the right knee which he had undergone a replacement in May 2021 tends to go very stiff especially if he misses his walk on the grass even for a day.

He also is now very comfortable doing back walking around 200 steps which has given him immense relief in his lower back pain.

This evening he was here walking barefoot on the grass all by himself even though his best friend Mr Prakash wasn’t there to accompany him today.

I was stoked to see his dedication as he drove all by himself to the park. He said,” This barefoot walk he will not miss under any circumstance””

● Janhavi Patankar (Oct 2022): Today my joy went through leaps and bounds after hearing from my 80 years “young” mom that she is now able to stand for 10mns at a stretch without any knee pain. Until recently she used to experience excruciating pain especially when she had to stand continously for even 5 mns. She had undergone a surgery in December 2020 where her infected knee transplant was removed and her joints were fused. She doesn’t have a right knee since then and thus that leg is shorter by an inch and a half. She has been using the Elite Sleepmat, the Universal Earthing Mat and the patches since April 2022 regularly for nearly 20 hours a day. Truly Grateful to Clint Ober ,Gaetan Chevalier and all the Earthing Team members.

Dick Brown, Ph.D., a well-known Oregon exercise physiologist and trainer of elite athletes.  

“I personally experienced the benefit of grounding when I had a right knee replacement in 2009. I needed it after years of being physically active at a fairly high level. This is my second knee replacement surgery. The first was ten years ago. Subjectively, I felt I was improving a little bit faster. But five weeks after the operation, when I went to the surgeon for a checkup, he looked at my leg and looked at my movement and said, ‘At five weeks, you are where most people are at three months.’ He was speaking in terms of movement, wound healing, and swelling. I obviously attribute that partly to my knowledge of rehabbing, but the grounding certainly didn’t hurt, and I honestly believe it helped. It had a positive effect.”

“I sleep grounded, and I also use grounded electrode patches locally. Before surgery, I noticed that when I put the patches on the area of the knee that was hurting, it definitely reduced the pain compared to when I didn’t have the patches on. I needed surgery for about a year but kept putting it off because I had things to do. And so at night, my leg got really painful. So I slept on the rounded sheet and slept better, and further knocked the pain down with the patches.”

Donna Tisdale, real estate broker, Nashville, TN (2020): “Way back in 2007, I first heard about sleeping grounded was from Dr. Jim Oschman, who was friends with my rolfer. I remember purchasing Earthing sheets in November. My husband has faced knee surgery for 3 years and now he has no knee pain, whatsoever.

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