Long Hauling Covid Survivor

● Sandra Lee, May 2022: “I have been grounding for 10 years and I got the virus. It does help with recovery.”

● From JP Joseph: Earthing changed my life! “Long hauling” Covid survivor. 8 months nonstop suffering of hyper inflammation in my lungs and low blood oxygen levels. Been doing this for a month and got amazing results. After suffering months upon months 24/7 with the aftermath and this awful virus been doing this for a month now and feeling real results. You don’t need to be barefoot in the middle of the woods! I do it on the sidewalk with leather sole moccasins. I am getting close to feeling normal again! Highly skeptical but I have to say for me…it has been working! My PTSD has decreased to the point I have been off many meds. This is a life style I will not stop.”

● From Wayne Wendel, May 2022: “I have been grounding regularly for 5 years now. I have been in close contact with many co-workers who have got it (covid), but I have not. I am thankful for that, and wondering if grounding might be the reason.”

● From Jennifer Finlay, May 2022: “I have been for 20 months. Had been in contact with my daughter who had it twice, living in the same house and didn’t get it! Thought I had got away with it. Then I went to an event in April this year at Wembley and got it! I didn’t get the cough, I just felt I had been hit by a bus. Was grounded in bed 24/7 for a whole week.”

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