Covid and Long Covid Survivors

● Sandra Lee, May 2022: “I have been grounding for 10 years and I got the virus. It does help with recovery.”

● From JP Joseph: Earthing changed my life! “Long hauling” Covid survivor. 8 months nonstop suffering of hyper inflammation in my lungs and low blood oxygen levels. Been doing this for a month and got amazing results. After suffering months upon months 24/7 with the aftermath and this awful virus been doing this for a month now and feeling real results. You don’t need to be barefoot in the middle of the woods! I do it on the sidewalk with leather sole moccasins. I am getting close to feeling normal again! Highly skeptical but I have to say for me…it has been working! My PTSD has decreased to the point I have been off many meds. This is a life style I will not stop.”

● From Wayne Wendel, May 2022: “I have been grounding regularly for 5 years now. I have been in close contact with many co-workers who have got it (covid), but I have not. I am thankful for that, and wondering if grounding might be the reason.”

● From Jennifer Finlay, May 2022: “I have been for 20 months. Had been in contact with my daughter who had it twice, living in the same house and didn’t get it! Thought I had got away with it. Then I went to an event in April this year at Wembley and got it! I didn’t get the cough, I just felt I had been hit by a bus. Was grounded in bed 24/7 for a whole week.”

● From Andrew Bennet, November 2022: “Following up from my last post, it turned out I have Covid. Monday was pretty rough, but starting on Tuesday. I noticed a significant improvement. Even today it’s getting better. The biggest thing for me is grounding specific parts of the body that get irritated. I’ve never tried to ground my throat area before this happened. It will be inflamed. If I don’t put a patch there, but as soon as I put a patch there, it gradually improves until it feels almost normal. Then when I move the patch somewhere else, the irritation starts returning overtime. The same has applied to my nostrils. This experience is really convincing me that grounding does something.

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