Make a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Donation to the Insititute

We are happy to announce that The Earthing Institute has been granted Non-Profit 501(c)(3) status by the US government.

This was an important step for the Institute in helping us to continue our work and to fulfill our Vision and Mission.

At the Earthing Institute, we envision the day when every human being (and pet) on this planet will be grounded throughout their daily life. When that day comes, grounding will be considered as important for health as good nutrition, sleep, exercise, and a positive mental attitude.  

The Earthing Institute is here to further the research regarding the health benefits of being connected to the Earth (grounding), to serve as the repository of information about grounding the human body, and to disseminate this knowledge throughout the world.

We at the Earthing Institute would like to take the opportunity to thank you and all of the other contributors, supporters, and readers/followers from the Earthing Community. Without your support, encouragement, and help spreading the word the work of the institute would be in vain.

If you are so moved, we would greatly appreciate a financial contribution to help us further our cause. Donations of any amount are very much appreciated, and will now be tax deductible.

If you would like to contribute, click here to donate via PayPal:

(NOTE: a donation receipt will be provided upon request.)

Thank you very much for your support.

Best regards,
Gaétan Chevalier, Ph.D.
Director of The Earthing Institute

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