Metals in the Body

● From Angie Krelow Lenaghan, January 2024. “I have a plate in my neck where they took two vertebrae out. Metal they put in your body is stainless steel. Grounding hasn’t affected the metal I have in my neck at all. Also have two screws in my foot, and often put my feet on the mat, same, I wouldn’t even know I had metal in my body, grounding doesn’t effect it.”

● From Melissa L. (2022): “I have a titanium hip and put the grounding mat right on it. Also use the pillowcase. I didn’t find much research but what I did is that it’s fine.”

● From Shelly S. (2022): “I have the pillowcases and I have a plate and screws in my neck. It’s all good.”

● From Alice M (2022): “Grounding has been a ‘miracle’ for me.  I have a rod in my leg which always hurts from a little bit to a lot.  Since I started Earthing there is very little pain.  I use the grounding sheet, body bands, and patches.”

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