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Knee, collapsed discs, high blood pressure, on-set diabetes, sleep apnea, all healed

● From Dwight Mangum, June 2022: “I have used a home-made interface for eight years and it healed everything in two. I had a knee they said I would never walk on again, 4 collapsed discs in my lower back, high blood pressure, on-set diabetes and slept with a CPAP for a sleep apnea that would only let me sleep for 1.5 hours at a time. I was just trying to fix the sleep apnea. I had no idea it would heal everything. I did not really feel anything until the two year mark. It fixed the sleep in about 3 months. The contact pad goes in my waistband, against my skin. I have not even caught a cold since I started. If you are not earthing, you are not living, you are dying.”

Relief of earache, headache, arthritic pain, and recovery from tooth extraction

● From David Olson, 86, a retired professor of forestry and wildlife living in New Hampshire, who has been grounding for about two years (2017):  “I sleep on an Earthing sheet and it gives me a good night’s sleep of six or more hours. I awake fully charged and ready to go. In the spring of 2016, I had a persistent ear ache with fluid inside my eardrum. After three weeks of ineffective doctors’ care and home remedies, I put my grounding mat on my pillow and slept on it. After three nights, the ear ache was gone.

“Later I had the flu. After the vomiting phase and during the diarrhea stage, I had the worst headache of my life − involving my neck and entire head. Again, I put the mat on my pillow and lay down with the right side of my head on it. After 10 minutes there was no pain on the right side of my head. I lay down again with the left side of my head down and in 15 minute the headache was completely gone. With my last tooth extraction, I followed the usual procedure.  The extraction was on Monday with the oral surgeon and the follow-up the next day with the dentist. Overnight I slept with my face on the mat on my pillow. When the dentist looked in my mouth, the tooth cavity was entirely healed and he asked me when I had had the tooth pulled.  “Last week?” he asked.

“I sleep with my mat in my bed every night and try to use it in some way − on my sciatic hip, across the small of my back, on a sore shoulder or as a Dagwood style sandwich with my arthritic hands and fingers inside. Each time I use the mat this way there is less or no pain in the morning, but some or all of the pain comes back after a day or several days. I suspect that grounding clears up local inflammation in arthritic joints but the inflammation comes back because the arthritis persists.”

Better circulation, reduced swelling in legs, diminished hernia

● From a 76-year-old man: “I must say when I first heard about Earthing from my daughter I was very skeptical, but when you are elderly and in pain, stiff, and uncomfortable you will usually give anything a go. Things didn’t happen overnight for me but I persisted with it and I can now certainly see and feel the wonderful benefits.  Who would have thought it was so simple as connecting to a bit of ground outside. About 10 years ago I had a very big operation where my whole body was virtually cut in half due to esophagus cancer.  Thankfully I survived, however, I have suffered quite a lot of pain in various parts of my body over the years and have tried many creams and some medications to help.

“One of the first benefits I noticed with Earthing was the circulation, reduced swelling, and colour in my legs from using the Earthing mat.  I can now get around without having to wear my long, tight circulation stockings – which caused me so much grief every morning just to get the damn things on. The colour and tone of my legs have greatly improved and I now have less aches and pains in them.

“I started using the Earthing body band around my back and chest as I often suffer from a lot of pain where my scars are and an absolutely amazing thing happened unexpectedly. I have a protruding hernia on the front of my stomach and when I was grounding for my back I pulled the band over the hernia for comfort. Quite unexpectedly I noticed that my hernia become much softer instead of a hard mass and had actually shrunk. This actually fascinated me so I started measuring around my stomach and over a period of a couple of months the hernia actually shrunk about 3” and now feels like part of my body instead of a hard rock.  Its appearance and colour is also now more pleasing as well. I now sleep grounded as well as connect to the body band when in bed and this has allowed me to get a good night’s sleep pain free and am usually off to sleep in about 3 minutes. I have early stages of prostate cancer and would get up several times a night. Now I only get up once early in the morning and generally get straight back to sleep.”

Improved BM, sleep, foot pain, energy, skin, headaches

Joseph Ybarra, 37, delivery driver, Riverside (California)(2020): “I have been grounding for 2 months. I have sleeping on a grounded mat at night and I also use a universal mat during day. When my feet flare up I use the patches so I’m covered on all sides lol. I was diagnosed with plantar fasciosis which is more severe than fasciitis. Fasciosis is more than inflammation. It means degenerative tendon/tissues of the fascia of my feet My left is more severe than my right, so like I have mentioned much results with grounding in many areas in my body I am most excited about feeling less pain more and more I ground my feet I hope that my tendons on both feet can be restored.Here is a small list of what I’ve been experiencing improvement in my body:

•Normalized BM

• Sleep through the whole night with natural REM sleep.

•Chronic pain in my feet is diminishing from pain level 10 to 3.

•Much more energy through my whole day.

•Stress level is at a Level 0 !!!!

•My Skin is glowing.

•No More Headaches at all

•Struggle with sinus allergies for 15 Yrs and now no symptoms of sinus allergyies. Woo hoo!

•I can honestly sense my immune system is working at its strongest potential every min of the day as I breathe because of the unlimited supply of free electrons that I absorb while I’m grounding.

Pain disappeared from a damaged meniscus and shoulder, lower blood sugar level and increased blood oxygenation

Gerhard Gruber, age 69, living in Wels, Austria

Since 4 months I am practicing earthing and I can report several very positive health results. – The effects of earthing didn´t come immediately and at first I was quite disappointed. But I didn´t give up to do my daily 30 minutes walking barefoot on grass in the morning, even at 0°C lately. After a while I bought some indoor devices like a carbon mat for the night and I am using patches and wrist bands during the day. So I am grounded about 9 hours every day.

The first noticeable health improvements I got is when I put a patch on my damaged meniscus for half an hour – the pain didn´t come back again. The same happened with a hurting shoulder. I also wake up earlier in the morning, sometimes I even don´t wake up during the night. That´s new since years. Also, muscle cramps disappeared.

The greatest success I had is as a diabetic. After 3 months of earthing my long-time high blood sugar level went down to 6.8 – in the last 9 months before, the value always was between 7.4 and 8.4. For a 69 years old man this is a very good result.

I recently made another important discovery: using a pulse oximeter for oxygen saturation it shows me a value of 98% (SpO2), which I never had before (it used to be about 93% for many years).

So all this made me very happy and it gives me the certainty, that earthing is one of the big and important “achievements “in my life. I am very grateful that I was led to such an effective and easy way of making my life perceptibly better.

For all people who are complaining about no effect of earthing I just can say: be patient, one day it will pay off!

Hip, back, leg, and foot pain gone.

Lorraine Lopez, 47, Lancaster CA, wrote us in January 2020 with the following report:  “I’m a busy mother of five, with five pets as well.  I have all the Earthing products, including bands, patches, and the bed mat.

“I first started Earthing in mid-September by going barefoot outside on the grass during the week and on weekends at the beach while we stayed on our boat. In December, I started sleeping grounded.

“My husband also sleeps grounded with me and he hasn’t complained of his usual hip, back, leg, or foot pain anymore. We sleep so good every night and feel super rested every time we get up.  Sometimes we don’t get that much sleep but it feels like we slept for hours. We wake up energized.”


John P. Ruggieri, 50, April 2022. “Today I turn 50 – been grounded for 5 years less 3 days. I sleep blissfully every night, take no medications and live a pain free life. I’ve lost my food sensitivities and eat what I want. My knee is healed and I can sprint and jump. My lungs have cleared and I can breathe freely. My brain has cleared and I can focus and remember. I so appreciate Clint Ober and all those working with him that got the knowledge of Earthing to me. You’ve given me the greatest birthday gift and I am eternally grateful. Thank you!

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