Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma

  • Kavita Vij (December 2022): “It’s that time of the year, and I’d like to give gratitude to some for changing our lives for the better. Apologies in advance for the slightly long post. In April, our 30 year old son, who is also differently abled, was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma and our world shook on its axis. The side effects of the first chemo were terrible, something new came up every day and the pain was unbearable. He barely slept 1-2 hours at night, and so, neither did we. At that time my mother collected an Earthing mat from Janhavi Patankar, and sent it to me. I had tried Earthing with Jahnavi when I visited Pune, and though I thought it was good, it was just that. Once our son started using the mat, the change was astonishing – he started sleeping 8+ hours at night, and that too in deep sleep; he woke up feeling energized – sufficiently so that since then he has been walking 6kms (4 miles) every day other than his chemo days; his pain levels reduced drastically; his blood counts improved faster. Naturally, the oncologist scoffed the idea when I shared it with him. Long story short, chemo and many radiations are over, our son is back at work full time, and he’s looking so good. So much that finally the oncologist acknowledged the Earthing, and told me to “keep on doing whatever you are doing. I’ve never seen such recovery”! Hallelujah! As a family, we now work at spreading the Earthing message. My husband and daughter, who were skeptics earlier, swear by it too. Personally, for me, I’ve appointed myself as an unofficial Earthing ambassador. I’m not able to do as much as Jahnavi does in Pune, but I have shared the video and other details with close to 4-500 people in Bangalore. Of these, at least 200 + have bought an Earthing product from one place or the other, given their affordability and time. Easily about 100-125 have got back to me to say their lives are different in so many ways, and they thank me. The real thanks needs to be yours, Clint Ober ; and yours Gaetan Chevalier, and of course Janhavi Patankar – you have created these products, answered my queries endlessly, and been god sent to us. Thank you deeply, and warmly from all of us. I’m trying to help as many as I can, but the products are expensive and not easily available here. I’m gifting as much as I can, nonetheless. Have a great 2023 and all years ahead too.”

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