● Alfred from Idaho, 82, is a longtime raw fooder who monitors his pH level daily. “Ungrounded, I can keep pH at around 7.4 roughly. When adding grounding, pH can jump to 8.0 fairly easily. This is what you want for healthy cell regeneration and a strong immune system. Earthing is essential for that level of pH.” Alfred has been grounding for more than 2 years, and uses Earthing floor and bed mats, and sometimes a patch on the palm. He has made some grounded shoes. “I’m grounded 24/7.” He says Earthing has contributed significantly to fixing his “stopped-up prostate,” and that his “thinking and intuition have much improved.”(Note: One of the body’s functions is to maintain a healthy balance in your blood and other fluids between alkalinity and acidity, in a numerical range from 0 to 14. Lower numbers relate to acidity. Higher numbers to alkalinity. Neutral is around 7, like pure water. Blood is around 7.35, or slightly alkaline).

A Brief Guide to Earthing


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