Panic Attacks

• From Thom Daugherty, 40, a music producer in Carmel, Indiana:  “In 2015, I started having 1-2 panic attacks a day. I didn’t know what they were though – had heard the term before, but didn’t realize I was experiencing them. And nothing I was trying was stopping them.  I stumbled across an article about Earthing from a friend’s newsfeed and thought the idea was interesting enough so that I got the Earthing book.
“The first page recommends that you go into your yard, put your bare feet in the grass, and actually try the thing you’re going to read about. I thought it was weird but figured there was no harm in trying. So I grounded myself for an hour while I read the book. That day, I didn’t have a panic attack.
“I went out the next morning to read with my bare feet in the grass again. No panic attack that day either.
“I didn’t know if it was responsible for this or not, but I didn’t want to have another panic attack, so I kept it up. Eventually ordered one of the grounded products for the bed and slept for 8 solid hours that night without moving. I didn’t know what it was doing exactly, but I knew it was doing SOMETHING.
“Three years later, I’ve not had any more panic attacks. They stopped overnight as soon as I started Earthing.
“Can’t say this will work for everybody, but it’s made a profound difference in my life, and it’s such a simple solution. I’ve gotten so much comfort.”

• From Jennifer Finlay, Feb 2022: “I suffered with extreme anxiety which lead to panic attacks. Haven’t had any symptoms since grounding. I enjoy a much calmer overall disposition. No more fear of flying! Clearly the grounding has reset my nervous system. I sleep grounded every night and try to ground on average 7 hours during the day.”

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