● From Knollis Edward Byrd, 90, New Albany, MS (2020):  “Been grounding for about two months. I have had sinusitis for several years, confirmed twice by cat scan.  Nose clogged every night.  Treated with antibiotics, prescriptions, saline wash.  Did not help. I could not use a CPAP.  After two weeks of Earthing, using a grounded pillowcase and arm band, I had no more breathing problems.

●   From Debbie Smith of Melbourne:  “For 8 years I was chronically addicted to nasal spray; Otrivin and similar brands of decongestant nasal sprays. You’re not meant to use it more than twice a day. I was using it 6 – 8 times daily and I couldn’t sleep through the night without waking up, unable to breathe and needing more.  They warn you not to use it for more than 3 or 4 days otherwise you get the rebound effect and get hooked on it. Rebound meaning the spray stops inflammation in your nasal passages, but then starts causing more inflammation that only the spray can reduce. So the spray causes inflammation but also reduces it.  I started walking on the beach and grounding myself in January (2018) and after 3 weeks I suddenly didn’t need the spray anymore. At first I didn’t even think it was related to grounding. I changed nothing else!

“I could not leave the house without my spray and I would go into a complete panic if I ran out. Being unable to breathe freely was very very uncomfortable. I was so dependent on that horrible spray!  Thanks to grounding I now have my life back. At 60 years of age! I have noticed other health benefits as well and I absolutely believe in grounding. I have a grounding sheet and now sleep soooo well. I’m also finding reduction in inflammation in knee joint etc as time goes by!”

●   “I am a 50 year old man and have been sleeping and working grounded now almost two years and I can say it has offered me the most significant positive health changes of any product or lifestyle change I have ever been a part of.  My sinuses and allergies are 99% better than they were before Earthing.   Before Earthing I would blow my nose 1-2 times in the middle of the night because it felt dry, irritated, and it was hard to breath.  Not much came out but blood.  Now, I never have to wake up and blow my nose and I breath very easily.  Once again, almost always to almost never! ”  🙂

• From a 50-year-old male: “My knees feel they are 20 years old. I have no aches and pains anymore. My sinuses and allergies are 99% better than they were before Earthing. There can be no other reason for these changes in my health except grounding.”

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