• Two police officer video testimonials:  “Quality of Sleep Improved…less physical pain!”

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• From a nurse: “I have been grounded since March 2013.  I could write a book on the benefits I’ve seen on myself and others.  Among other things, the anxiety that comes with a high stress job is seriously diminished.”

• “I feel more relaxation of my muscles and cope better with stresses. I smile more, argue less and don’t feel tense.  I notice a difference with 10 minutes of sitting with my feet on the bare ground.”

• From a health practitioner in Washington State:  “I AM A MORE JOYFUL BEING.”

• From a senior in Florida in July 2011: “Last fall I had a talk with a friend about grounding. He was losing his calm and it had created a bunch of problems for him, including domestic problems and problems with tenants in a mobile park where he was the association president.

“Last spring, I received a call from him, and the conversation from him went like this: ’I waited until now to call you because I wanted to make sure that I was not imagining the results of earthing. The first thing that I noticed, was how calm I had become. The bothersome tenants were still there but bothered me no longer. Others also commented that they had noticed that I was calmer and even looked calmer. Another thing I noticed was that a GERD-gastroesophageal-reflux disease problem which irritated my throat, had disappeared. I had even thought about having some surgery for the problem. Then later, I went on a seven day cruse and hadn’t taken my grounded sheet with me and the problem came back. When I got back of course, I started sleeping on the sheet again, the problem went away.’

• “I have had many years of severe stress and as a result have really been depleted energetically. I would always take a nap in the afternoon if I had the chance. And my naps were over an hour. Since starting earthing almost a year ago I rarely think about a nap. I think I have taken a nap twice in the last several months. And for about 30 minutes. I have had a lot of difficulty with physical feelings of stress that I could not get a handle on. I no longer feel stress in my body at all. I feel very calm and don’t have a physical stress reaction to anything. I have gotten my brother and a good friend started with earthing sheets. Both of them had different but severe sleep problems. They both have had wonderful results with earthing.”

• From a man in Pennsylvania: “My oldest daughter has a very stressful job and was having difficulty sleeping/staying asleep.  Since she started earthing she has slept much better and
feels calmer.”

● From a woman, 53, in Seattle: “When I ground all the stress drains right out of me, improves my mood, and clears my head. It’s my go-to for stress release, even in the rain.”

● LC, male, 89, Austin: “I am in a hospice house, have balance and heart problems, and am in a wheelchair. I earth on the ground for a half-hour daily until I get a mat. I have more energy and less stress.

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