From a radio talk show host: “In all my years of looking at answers and finding alternative ways toward good health, I must say that this new discovery has to be at the top of the list. I had back pain and developed knee pain from skiing back in February 2015. In 24 hours after using the grounding mat alone the pain was 90% gone. After a week I don’t feel it at all. If only one had subsided, perhaps it could have been attributed to the placebo effect, but back and knee pain are both gone.

“Now, here’s what happened today. For over 20 years I’ve suffered from tinnitus (ringing in the ears non-stop). I’ve learned how to live with it. However, when I go to sleep, I must have white noise or a loud fan or I can’t fall asleep. Well, last night I forgot to turn the noise on. My wife noticed that I slept normally and she told me this morning. Then, it hit me. The tinnitus is 90% gone. I have refused treatment a few times so I learned to live with it. I took cortisone one time and gained 30 lbs in one month. So I realized the noise was here to stay. Never in a million years would I have thought that grounding could address this.”

• From a woman in Arizona: “Before beginning earthing, I could never sleep on my right side because of the horrendous noise in that ear. Now, I sleep on whatever side my body chooses. Tinnitus flare-ups have gone from being a nightly curse to the occasional annoyance, meaning flare-ups are few and far between and usually last for only a few seconds. Yippee!!!”