From Louise, San Diego, California. I got a grounding, or earthing sheet, a few weeks ago. I could not afford an entire fitted sheet, so I bought a “strip”, 90 inches long and about 38-40 inches wide. I saw no change or difference for quite a while. Then, I looked for YouTube videos, and discovered that my bare skin needed to be in contact with the earthing fabric. This is remedial, I know, but I feel like it also may be a common remedial experience for searchers who financially need to be on their own ;-). Anyway, about 6 days ago I started sleeping Al Fresco 😉 on my grounding strip. I have had anxiety and panic issues since 2005, when they presented in a way that made it impossible for me to work or lead the life I knew, and my allopathic care team put me on permanent disability. As you know, the REAL problems are Trauma, C-PTSD, etc. But nobody was talking about that in my HMO (or any other, I suspect) in 2005. In fact, I stumbled upon trauma info while sharing in a group meeting, where another participant lent me his copy of The Body Keeps the Score (Van Der Koch), after hearing me describe my circumstances. Long story short, I search and experiment constantly for improved parasympathetic conditions. Trying to decrease cortisol, decrease random pain, and all of it. I bought the earthing strip after watching a webinar on another subject, where an expert spoke about the concept. News to me… I have had skin-to-sheet contact for 6 nights. And, like a miracle, for the last 3 days I have had ZERO nausea, no matter what I eat (Veg, protein, fruit…). And I am ravenously hungry. I pursued the sheet for pain relief, I had no idea my digestion would dramatically improve. I have struggled with vomiting, et al since 2005. I have had enormous eating insecurity, and I knew I could not possibly be absorbing enough real nutrition, even though I buy organic, unprocessed, etc. Just this afternoon I thought, “I wonder if this absolute miracle has anything to do with the earthing sheet?”. I Googled “does my earthing sheet improve digestion”, and I found the article “From Pain Relief to Improved Digestion…”. I have been crying for 15 minutes :-). You cannot believe what a relief it is. Elimination is perfectly normal, and I have not experienced that for 15 years. I know the sheet is not the do-all-and-end-all, but a very significant and welcome piece of the puzzle. Thank you for the article. You must never stop disseminating; you never know who might be Googling ;-). Thank you!

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