• From Christian Wolfinger, May 2022: “Dear friend, walking barefoot is very healthy though it can’t shelter us from diseases that may have different reasons. Here is how I got rid of my wards – 100 percent and forever: I was about 20 years of age and I had up to 10 warts on every foot. They had been cut out several times – and came back with friends. I was in despair, was ashamed to go to the public swimming center. Then came vacation time I spent in France. For several weeks I walked barefoot alternating in hot sand of the beach and in salty water of the Atlantic. Home I went. When taking my first shower at home I wondered what was the tiny little things in the shower tab: It was my warts who fell of one by one and never were seen again. Additionally I’d say good bye to all worn socks and shoes. Hope this will help you, blessings.

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