Ankylosing Spondylitis

MP, 65, retired nurse, Indio, California (2020): “When I first began grounding I did not have the immediate results that I have read about others having.  In fact I felt worse. I had more fatigue & pain. I have an autoimmune condition (Ankylosing Spondylitis), chronic pain, as well as migraines. You encouraged me to hang in there, that it would get better. I continued grounding night & during the day when I laid down. I have been grounding almost 3 months. The changes have been very gradual.

“When I started I was walking 20 minutes a day & struggling to do that due to overwhelming fatigue and pain. I have osteoporosis & my doctor has been pushing me to go on medication for it. I have resisted because of all the side effects associated with these drugs. I have been taking supplements to strengthen my bones, though my doctor said that it won’t make much difference.  I was on supplements before my bone scan 2 years ago & my results showed my bones density was less. 

“I had read that grounding may help with osteoporosis so that was my motivation. I kept putting off my bone scan to allow more time to ground.  Then my doctor refused to treat me any longer if I didn’t get my repeat scan & go on meds. So I had my scan. I was shocked to learn that I no longer have osteoporosis!

“I then looked at other things that have changed since I started grounding. Instead of struggling to walk 20 minutes a day I have been able to work up to over 3 miles a day! My fatigue has improved & I’m able to be more active.

“I was averaging 5-10 migraines a month and I now average 2 migraines a month. My chronic pain has improved, instead of having to take something for pain & laying down, I lay down & ground with relief. My pain is relieved without drugs.

“I have sciatica pain in my right leg which I’ve had for many years. I use the grounding band on my right foot & it is very effective in relieving that nerve pain that little else has ever helped.

“I purchased the band set from Earthing and I like them very much. I have even used the large band for my head when I have a migraine. I don’t know if it’s the pressure from the band or grounding my head but it does give me relief.

“My husband has no health issues. He grounds at night on a mat with me. We both slept deeper when we first started grounding but he continued to snore like a freight train!   I then got the grounding pillow covers which were a game changer for him. I no longer have sleepless nights from his snoring. Sometimes he’ll take a nap on his couch in the den (not grounded) & he can be heard snoring all over the house. If he is on his grounding pillow, no snoring!

“Needless to say I am a firm believer in the benefits of grounding after only 3 months. Can’t wait to see how much better I get as time goes on!”

Janhavi Patankar, 52: A milestone for me after 8 long years of severe knee pain, Plantar fasciitis, lower back pain and spondylitis! After a brisk 30 minute walk on concrete walking path to toughen my feet , a 20 minute routine of jogging and 4 sprints of 15 mts each on COLD WET DEW filled grass followed by a 20 minute meditation sitting Grounded, I healed all the muscles and joints by simply touching them on that grass.It gave an instant healing and a feeling of relaxation and a complete rejuvenating feeling ☘..I’m 52 years ‘Young’…again!! I was a track and field State level athlete in my school n college days where we trained on NATURAL GRASS in those days which actually gave no injuries as such.At that time we had training sessions of Barefoot running too.. but with time I wore shoes and ran on hard surfaces which unknowingly made me practically crippled .I had never felt so helpless until I accidentally started walking in the rain on mud and grass BAREFOOT simply to feel more connected with the Earth.Within 20 days all my 8 year long aches and pains simply disappeared!! Then I stumbled upon CLINT OBER’S full Earthing movie ..and since then there has been no stopping…

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