Back Pain

● From a 59-year-old woman in Los Angeles:  “I have had low back pain for about 4 years.  I went through the usual path of chiropractor, acupuncture, and some herbs. Initially I found an herb, Boswellia extract, to take the pain away. However, my pain always gets worse in cold weather.  It is now January and last October I got the grounding mat to sleep on. What a difference it has made. Now I don’t wake up stiff and hardly able to move. I can also cut back on the herbs.” 

● From Mike, a California construction project manager: “I’ve been grounding while I sleep for about 1.5 weeks and my back pain is down to about 45%. I’m 6’5” and have been dealing with back issues most of my life. I have been researching grounding for about 2 years and I have only been practicing barefoot outside until about 2 weeks ago. Knowing when we sleep is extremely important for healing and recharging, I finally pulled the trigger on an Earthing throw as well as an Earthing mat for when I’m at my computer. I am experiencing several (positive) mind and body differences that I have never had or lost somewhere in my youth.”

●   “I spent my childhood barefoot, healthy and happy. So I was very interested in the concept that something so natural could be so beneficial for the human body. I have been working as a dental hygienist for most of my adult life. For the past few years, I have had a great deal of pain in my back because of the unnatural position I have to be in while working. I tried chiropractic treatments and yoga, but nothing seemed to work until I began Earthing. The first day that I spent barefoot outside in my yard for a few hours, I slept very soundly that night and did not have my usual aches and pain. I have kept going barefoot as much as possible during the summer and as long as I got my Earthing in every day, I was pain free. I am so happy to have such simple and natural solution. I’m planning to start sleeping grounded soon as well.”

● From a woman in Australia: “My 2-month-old scar wound from a caesarean was not healing and I had constant bad back pain. I had tried absolutely everything the doctor prescribed without any success. I heard about Earthing and, even though I was skeptical, I decided to try the large body band around my torso at night. However, I thought ‘what have I got to lose?’  I slept with the band on and for the first time since the birth of my daughter had a better night’s sleep, and the pain in my back went, and I think because of this my mood was much better the next day. I have been using the band for around a month and my wound is now 90% healed and my sleep is definitely better, making me a nicer person to be around.”

● “I ground myself every night and use a grounding patch while I’m in the kitchen for several hours.  I do the grounding because for five years I was in excruciating pain from a Bulging disc (L5, S1) that led to sciatic pain and nothing helped to relieve it. Grounding got me out of pain and saved my sanity.”

● From a delivery service worker: “Whenever I have a stress headache, tight neck and shoulder or back pain, I plug myself into the ground and attach the electrode patch near the site of pain. Within 30 minutes the pain has subsided, after 45 minutes the pain is totally gone.”

● “For eight years I suffered 24/7 from considerable leg pain due to neuropathy. After some 18 to 20 months of sleeping grounded on an Earthing sheet, my legs are completely healed of the neuropathy. For two and half years now, I’ve had no problem with neuropathy. What worked for me may not work for everyone, but this is my result. I have a left shoulder that has been seriously injured three times in my life, and I attach three or four grounding patches to it each night as I sleep and by the next morning 90-95% of the pain is gone. I’ve also used the patches to relieve the pain of a bum knee, back pain, headaches, sore throats, pain in my hands, and to prevent leg cramps. When I feel cramping coming on, I quickly attach an Earthing patch to the muscle in question and the tendency to cramping immediately stops.” (U.S.)

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