Beating Insomnia, Fatigue, and Adrenal Exhaustion

● In early 2015, Barbara, a disappointed West Coast businesswoman, contacted us to say that she had been grounding for three nights and hadn’t experienced any improvements.  

“I want so to be among the people who have great results,” she said.  “But right now I am a little discouraged.  Maybe my sleep is a little better, but nothing obvious and miraculous.  I am so hopeful, even desperate, to be well.”

Barbara, 57, is the proprietor of a landscape business.  She said she has had chronic insomnia ever since her college days.  Over time she developed adrenal exhaustion, anxiety, depression, chronic coughing, and joint and muscle pain flares. She’d lived in a compromised state for the previous eight years, and been fatigued continually for almost a year-and-a-half. At the end of 2013, she became severely ill and weak, and had to be treated repeated times at the emergency room or in urgent care.

Stress played a big part in her health problems, she admitted. 

Doctors had provided little help or guidance.  

“They cared, but they didn’t know what to do with me, other than to prescribe medication,” she said.  When one physician put her on an anti-depressant, her exhaustion and despair only deepened. “If only I could have slept, I could have climbed out of this awful pit.  But sleep to me was unattainable.”

Two naturopaths told her the problem was adrenal exhaustion, something that conventional doctors often do not recognize. They said her recovery would be complex and slow.  They suggested natural remedies.  Very slowly she began feeling better but for more than a year she still felt compromised, “a shadow of who I used to be.”

“I needed something to work,” she said. “I was desperate. I was still not sleeping well.”

By chance, Barbara came across an online health forum where Earthing was mentioned.  The idea resonated with her.  She read the Earthing book and obtained an Earthing sheet.

“I had more hope for complete recovery than I had had in a very long time,” she said. 

And that’s why she contacted us after three nights of sleeping grounded and feeling disappointed that her expected dramatic relief hadn’t come. 

Many people like Barbara are hopeful that Earthing will generate a quick and significant turnaround in health.  When it doesn’t happen as soon as expected, they contact us.

From our side, we can’t predict how fast any particular individual will respond to grounding.  We know that grounding works, whether dramatically or subtly, and at many levels.   

In Barbara’s case, we told her that we have heard from people over the years with adrenal exhaustion, typically a result of chronic stress, who have reported major improvement.  We asked her to be patient and be grounded as much as possible.  We directed her to read our article that we wrote specifically for people who are new to Earthing

About a month later, Barbara contacted us again – with good news.

“I am sleeping longer and more soundly than I have slept in years,” she said. “My energy and vitality are vastly improving. My blood pressure is improving, my aches and pains are far less pronounced. I believe all the other therapies I’ve been doing needed the Earthing as a sort of catalyst to experience true recovery. Earthing has been the missing ingredient.  I told two family members about my experience and they, too, started grounding. One with asthma and one started to speed athletic recovery. Both are seeing results and are very enthusiastic.”

Barbara said her life had changed in a single month of grounding: “hugely improved sleep, less joint and muscle pain, feeling less foggy, and, gratefully, having my joy of life return.”

With renewed energy, Barbara was also able to re-energize her business that had suffered due to her personal health and the overall economic malaise.  

In October 2015, Barbara contacted us again to report she was “doing amazingly well.” 

She hardly recognizes herself, neither can others, she said. “I’ve healed. I’m sleeping well.  Handling the added stress of new business excellently.  I’m in an uphill spiral so to speak.  I feel whole and strong, and so grateful.”

Fatigue & Pain

● MP, 65, retired nurse, Indio, California (2020): “When I first began grounding I did not have the immediate results that I have read about others having.  In fact I felt worse. I had more fatigue & pain. I have an autoimmune condition (Ankylosing Spondylitis), chronic pain, as well as migraines. You encouraged me to hang in there, that it would get better. I continued grounding night & during the day when I laid down. I have been grounding almost 3 months. The changes have been very gradual.

“When I started I was walking 20 minutes a day & struggling to do that due to overwhelming fatigue and pain. Instead of struggling to walk 20 minutes a day I have been able to work up to over 3 miles a day! My fatigue has improved & I’m able to be more active.

“Needless to say I am a firm believer in the benefits of grounding after only 3 months. Can’t wait to see how much better I get as time goes on!”

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