From a doctor in 2020:  “I have a brother who has had to be admitted against his will into the hospital yearly or nearly yearly for over 20+ years for bipolar disorder. Each hospitalization lasts two to four months. He has accumulated over a million dollars in unpaid hospital bills and has been on high doses of meds. His hospital admissions, since the age of 22, coincide with his inability to sleep, which leads to insomnia-associated psychotic breakdowns. In 2019, his insomnia was on the rise and manic symptoms were increasing. He was cycling-up this time due to losing his job. He was sleeping less than 2 to 3 hours a night, and his wife and our family were certain he was going to be hospitalized again. I sent him an Earthing/grounding sleep mat where his body is electrically grounded/earthed during sleep. The sleep mat broke his up-cycle! Within a few days, his insomnia was broken, and since then, he has been sleeping 7+ hours daily, and mentally stable due to the sleep mat.  It has been about a year now and without hospitalization. We are hopeful this will help reduce any future hospitalizations related to his disorder. We are also very grateful that something so natural and inexpensive has been working so well.”

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