Bone fracture

● From an Arizona sales manager of fitness equipment: “Three weeks ago I started grounding since with the sheet at night and the mat by day. The effects have been nothing short of miraculous. I had a tibial plateau (shinbone) fracture about 13 years ago. It was cracked in 5 places on the articular surface of the tibia. Over the years it had become more arthritic so I treated it with a daily intake of chondroitin and glucosamine. This had enabled me to continue to be active, but over the last year or so it was becoming more inflamed and painful. If I were to skip more than a few days of my supplement intake, the knee would be very painful and limit my activity level.

“The first day I started grounding I decided to stop taking the supplements and see if the grounding alone would have a positive effect. After a few days of grounding had gone by I was dumbfounded by the lack of pain in my knee so I decided to test it more. I hadn’t been able to run much lately because of the pain and swelling so I decided to take a run on the street as this would definitely cause some irritation and pain. Well, the next day no pain!

“I have a background in exercise physiology so the science of this made sense to me but I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact of pain for 13 years and in a matter of a few days it had disappeared. I was beginning to think this was all in my head!

“So to test it more, I decided to get a real litmus test by doing squats in the gym which always jacks up the knee and of which I hadn’t done in several months to a year. To my utter surprise and delight, no ensuing pain or inflammation! I’ve continued to test it with additional running and another bout with squats with the same result……no pain or inflammation! It has been 3 weeks now without any supplementation with virtually no discomfort or inflammation in my knee at all. I seriously am pinching myself!

“In addition, I have experienced less post exercise muscle pain from my workouts. This became very evident when I embarked on the squat workout. Anyone who works out will know, when you workout a muscle group hard that you hadn’t worked out in months, like I hadn’t with the squats, better be ready for some serious muscle soreness the next 3 days. Well, I had very minimal muscle pain day one and NONE the 2nd, 3rd days. Pretty amazing! I have also experienced deeper sleep, an overall calmness and a more balanced energy throughout the day.”

● From a 70-year-old Florida man: “The first time I used a grounding sheet I quickly noticed that a small pain in my left heel was gone. Several months later, I had a nasty fall. My wife had to call Fire Rescue to help me up off the floor. They transported me to a local hospital where they confirmed that I had broken my left femur. The very next day I had my wife bring the sheet to me while in the hospital. The next day I had an operation where I had a rod placed into my leg. The day after surgery I had a visit from my doctor and he was amazed that I had no swelling in the leg whatsoever. I remained in the hospital for 4 additional days and the doctor and nurses all were amazed that the leg never began to swell. There appears to be no other explanation than the grounding sheet doing its function. I have gone through rehab since being released from the hospital and am 95% back to where I was before the fall and no one is taking my grounding sheet from me. I don’t know how much a role the sheet played in my recovery, but the leg never swelled. I did have pain that was associated with the recovery from the operation, but it quickly subsided and today I am walking again. My doctor told me that I recovered extremely quickly…65% ahead of the curve for similar operations he has performed. A coincidence or a commentary on the value of the sheet? During the day I will typically find one of my two cats sleeping on top of the sheet. Think they know something about grounding?”

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