Fast Pain Relief from Pit-Bull bite and Other Accidents

From Curtis Badon, a professional mechanical engineer working for the state of Louisiana.

I am 61 years old and have exercised consistently and eaten a healthy diet for years. These things have helped keep me going. On Feb 1, 2018 I was bitten on the wrist by a pit-bull/lab mix and I fell on my left side on concrete when that occurred. I happened to have 2 other accidents/falls within 1 month of that, so my body was aching all over. About that same time an acquaintance posted the video, ”The Science of Grounding” on Facebook. I watched that and then a different friend sent me a link to the video, “The Grounded”. Being an engineer, I started experimenting (please see the 2 pictures and observe the water levels). The grounded vase water level receded much faster than the non-grounded one (not sure why, but this only worked with stranded wire, not with solid wire). Anyway, this perked my curiosity, so I made my own grounding pad with copper foil tape (from Amazon) and a silverware pad from Walmart. I placed that under my feet at night in the bed with my own homemade grounding wire and felt pain relief the first morning after. So, I kept going!

Water levels (one vase grounded) 2-20-18
Water levels (one vase grounded) 2-25-18

Eventually, I found that the copper foil tape was breaking and peeling, so I searched and found an inexpensive piece of conductive EMF shielding fabric and started using that in my bed. It worked great and I am still using that (experiment) to sleep on. Though, I just ordered a 27”W x 72”L grounding pad from

I also:

1. use the body band on ankle at computer

2. use the earthing patches occasionally for localized back pain

3. have a ground pad at my computer

4. walk barefoot in the grass both early morning and at lunch

5. have bull hide leather soled (all leather) shoes, some leather soles dress shoes and a pair of earthing moccasins

Grounding makes me wake feeling rejuvenated and strong physically and removes pain from my body.

I have shared this with MANY and am continuously getting positive reports back of pain relief and better sleep! Also, some results concerning testosterone levels.

I have little papers that I keep in my wallet and hand out with info on grounding.

I have also done a lot of testing with a digital multi-meter to test conductivity of footwear to see whether or not I am grounded when wearing it.

Some additional photos attached.

Thank you for your reply. Would be glad to talk more later, maybe even on the phone sometime.

I believe grounding is HUGE and VERY important!

Lorraine Lopez, 47, Lancaster CA, wrote us in January 2020 with the following report:  “I’m a busy mother of five, with five pets as well.  I have all the Earthing products, including bands, patches, and the bed mat.

“I first started Earthing in mid-September by going barefoot outside on the grass during the week and on weekends at the beach while we stayed on our boat. In December, I started sleeping grounded.

 “When I was 25, I was involved in an accident and broke all my ribs on one side, as well as an arm, hand, leg, foot, and collar bone. Since hitting 40 or so, every winter I‘ve developed excruciating arthritic pain. I just noticed a week ago that now I wake up without any aches and pains. I’m actually walking all over town now even in the cold!”

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