Earthing Story: Going barefoot

Gunnar Hovde, 75, Denmark.

Dear sir.

I am 75 and completely healthy, no medication at all and no pain anywhere. I started going barefoot about 12 years ago. I mean going barefoot all day. When I get up, I don’t put shoes and socks on. It took me about 3 years to get used to going barefoot. During those years my feet become much stronger. I don’t hurt my feet any more. I don’t break my toes anymore. I never get infections in the wounds on my feet. I never get cold feet. I live in Denmark in the countryside. Now it is winter and we have snow outside. I go barefoot out in the snow. When I get back in, my feet are not cold. When I walk I normally put my forefoot down first. People wearing shoes put their heels down first. When putting the forefoot down first you strengthen your muscles and tendons; you put less pressure on the knees, and you increase the blood flow to your feet. My feet are now so strong that I can dig my garden barefoot. I had a prostate operation recently. The doctor checked my ankles’ pull. He got a surprise because it was so strong. This is an indication of a very good blood circulation. All this because I walk barefoot. Walking barefoot is just simply good. Our feet are fantastically well made, they are made for walking – not for putting shoes on.


Gunnar Hovde.

Featured image credit: MerriJ

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