Earthing Story: Ignatius Davids – Earthing in Namibia

Hi Earthing Team
What a challenging year for all of us, but in the same time a year of extraordinary healing from us in
Since receiving our Earthing products and distributing it in my community to the young woman and elderly, has been the greatest gesture of giving.
I have been receiving visits this past week from recipients of the grounding sleep mats we got. Their praises and thanks in getting their health back has been heart touching.

My blood pressure has been spiking at 180/99 and it has been the bane of my worries for a long time, due to the fact at my work place we have random blood pressure checks to insure for safety and health purposes. I work in the mining industry operating heavy equipment, my manager’s wanted to lay me off due to my high blood pressure readings. Since receiving my Earthing Sleep Mat my life has changed completely and my blood pressure has dropped significantly to a mere 122/62. It has been a Christmas that I enjoyed without having to worry if I will still have work coming next year. Thank you, thank you Earthing Institute for this gift.

MENETHE Gauases – 37
Earthing I cannot thank you enough, 2 people that means a lot in my life have benefited from the Sleep Mats that we received from our communities wonderful Ignatius without paying a cent and that does not happen a lot in the slums were we live in. My 2 year old has been in and out of hospital for almost 6 months. The doctors can’t find any problem, he would cry the whole night and get a high temperature from all the crying. I have almost given up hope and on top of that being unemployment I could not afford the trips to the hospital anymore. Since I received my Earthing sleep mat I could not believe what happened the first night my son. After I washed him I laid him on the Mat as I was told by Ignatius, he was crying a bit then started to roll on the Mat. After 10 minutes he fell asleep. It was as if he was having the deepest sleep of his life. He only woke up the next morning which is a rarity. The Mat has also restored my energy level that has been drained by worrying about my son. He is back to normal and lively as ever thank you very much. The next is mom that I have also placed on the Earthing sleep mat. She always has muscle aches and pains which makes it hard for her to stand for a long time. After sleeping on the Mat this is the first Christmas in a long time that she has helped me cook Christmas lunch and she has been on her legs for the whole time. I am so happy for having the lively mom I always knew; we missed her cooking and 2020 was the best Christmas for my household.

Thank thank you once again for making it possible for Ignatius to receive these wonderfully Earthing products to be able to give to us. We would want so many people in our community to be able to benefit from the Mat. We where thinking of sharing our Sleep Mats for the households in our community for those that could not receive the sleep mats on a 2 month rotational basis.

Photo provided by Ignatius Davids
Photo provided by Ignatius Davids
Photo provided by Ignatius Davids

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