Honolulu Acupuncturist Teaches Schoolkids about Earthing

On Feb. 28, 2020, Cimone Kamei, a doctor of acupuncture who directs a health clinic in Honolulu, made a presentation to first and second graders about Earthing at Honolulu’s Mid-Pacific Institute, an acclaimed K-12 college preparatory school. Here is an excerpt posted on the school website from one of the teachers about the kids’ experiences. Dr. Kamei uses Earthing in his clinical practice.

Written by Coral Balubar, Grade 1 & 2.

“Our young students are discovering the reciprocal relationship we have with the mountains. We interact with the mountains, and in turn the mountains interact with us. With this concept in mind, we had the opportunity before a field trip to gather additional insight from two parents, Dr. Cimone Kamei and his wife.

“They presented information on ‘Earthing’ and allowed the children to experience the positive benefits of interacting with nature by touching trees with their bare hands and stepping barefoot on to the soft grass.

“If we compare the human-nature relationship of the past to today’s modern world, we can see a significant reduction in time spent in nature. Often times, we go from the house, to the car, to the store–all without interacting with nature. A.K.’s parents also pointed out that during the limited time that we are outside, the barrier of our shoes prevents us from fully interacting and benefiting from all that nature has to give. After being made aware of this, we stepped outside onto a small patch of grass lined with lilikoi trees on the edge of our elementary school campus. It was here that our experts suggested that we remove our shoes, feel the grass and soil beneath our feet, touch our palms to the trees, and take in the energy of nature. Some children were at first reluctant to remove their shoes. Other children immediately pulled off shoes and socks, digging their toes into the lush green grass. After seeing the barefoot children and the joy on their faces, more children readily slipped out of their footwear and began roaming the grass, jumping, laying down, and even chanting, ‘We’re so free! We’re so free!’

“Upon returning to class, the children reflected on the experience:

J.Y.: “It’s like the core of the earth the electricity goes through the earth, and when you’re barefoot, it is like putting a wire on your feet and the good electricity goes in your body.”

E.K.:”When A.K.’s dad came in, I could see that when the sun is out but if we walk with our shoes, the good energy can’t get to us. But if we are barefoot, then the sun can get to our feet.”

S.H.: “I learned that there is a good energy and when you go barefoot, even with just one foot, it works because you get good energy.”M.Y.: “What I noticed when I tried it is when you were barefoot it felt like I was a tree and we can even try it at home.

“M.N. “I never knew that when you’re wearing shoes, you’re not next to the earth, but when you are barefoot or touching trees, it counts.”

“While there are, of course, times that we do need footwear for safety reasons, this learning from our experts was such a good reminder for us all about the benefits of increasing our interactions with nature, of literally stepping outside what has become routine, and taking the time to be more closely connected with the earth.”

To read the original article written on the school website, click here.

Photos provided by Cimone Kamei.

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