● From a woman in Ireland (2019): “I have had 2 very bad menopause years after having my ovaries and tubes removed.  I cannot take any of the HRT because I’ve had some bad cells removed.  I’ve had no sleep, a lot of joint pain, and extremely bad hot flushes.  I would come out of one and go into another throughout the day and night.

“I’ve been to my doctor crying and begging him to find something for me to help with symptoms and always left feeling deflated.  I’ve got the Earthing mat for my bed about a month ago. First night I had a bad headache and tingling sensation and didn’t sleep any different. Felt very tired. Now a few weeks later I started to sleep with short pjs or just a top.  My pains are very much improved.   My sleep is better than it was before.  I still get one or two hot flushes but that’s a big improvement.”

● From a menopausal mother: “I sleep so well that people come in and out of the room and I don’t wake up. And I’m a mom conditioned to wake at the slightest noise. Earthing has helped my aches and pains factor. My feet hurt from the pressure of walking on them and a couple of days of sleeping Earthing I was pain free. I was also in that time of life when I was feeling stiff when I got up in the mornings and I no longer experience that. It could be coincidence but I realize that I have had no menopausal symptoms at all since sleeping grounded. I used to have occasional hot flashes and I used to also before menopause be cold all the time and I am experiencing none of that. In fact, no symptoms at all. ”             

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