We have had many reports of people putting bone back on after grounding for an extended period. We believe that grounding can protect against osteoporosis. One woman told us that her doctor took her off of Fosamax (an osteoporosis drug. The doctor said she had been laying on bone and that her bone density had significantly improved. She had been grounded for a couple of years.

●  From a woman in 2013: “Two weeks ago, my mom, age 86, fell on the ice but did not break any bones. She has been sleeping grounded about 2 1/2 years now. As time goes on, it may come to light that earthing makes your bones stronger (higher percentage than others in the same age group).”

●  From a woman, 56, in England in 2015: “I broke my back a few years ago and was, at the time, diagnosed with osteoporosis. I refused biphosphates and calcium and was too lazy to take up weight-lifting. However, I had my bones scanned again recently and the results showed a remarkable improvement. I no longer have osteoporosis! I have been grounding for about a year.”

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