Symphysis pubis dysfunction

From Erika Catherine, May 15 2022: “I am now exactly one month into my grounding journey and want to share my story and amazing results. Way back when I was pregnant with my first son who just turned 14 in April I developed a condition called Symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD). It causes pain in the pelvis, hip, and back because the joints in the pelvis basically become disconnected and malfunction. It’s actually fairly common during pregnancy but can persist after in a very small number of cases. I am unfortunately one of those cases. After my son was born I had chronic pain but I didn’t even realize I had that condition or what it was. Fast forward 2 years when I was pregnant again with my second son and the pain was so severe I was practically bedridden and it was worse after having him.

I have seen several doctors and physical therapists over the years and during the worst bouts of pain was prescribed prescription strength ibuprofen which I would have to take for long periods of time. The pain seemed to flare up after bouts of physical activity especially types that involved sideways rotation of your leg like the motion you would use to exit a car. I’ve always struggled with this but largely just learned to live with it and manage the symptoms. It’s been particularly difficult while sleeping or laying down and causes me to have to switch sleeping positions really often.

Well fast forward to 2019 and a much older me ends up pregnant with my third son (who just turned 3.) Of course the SPD came roaring back with a vengeance and this time seemed to wipe out my capacity to sleep at all. I purchased a new mattress and have several little foam wedges that I would interchange through the evening either between my knees or in the small of my back depending on where the pain was coming from that night often having to rearrange them several times a night.

I honestly had just resigned to this being the rest of my life until I happened upon this group. I lurked for a while then decided to take the plunge and purchased 2 mats. One I keep under my computer desk where I work from home and the other at the foot of my bed. I’m so unbelievably glad I did. I have had ZERO pain for the first time in nearly 15 years and pretty much happened from the start of the very first day using the pads.

I’ve also struggled with really bad eczema mostly on my arms and legs that coincidentally also started when I was pregnant with my first son. It’s basically continuously gotten worse over the last 15 years and the only thing that has helped at all was topical steroids. I can’t use them all the time though because they thin your skin. Well I had been off steroids at the time I started earthing so I was in a flair up and it usually tended to get worse when the seasons transitioned which is now in Ohio. Well my skin is actually completely free and clear as well also for the first time in 15 years without any steroid use.

I have also been a seasonal allergy sufferer especially during spring and fall and usually use 3 types of different allergy medicine. I have hardly touched them in the last few weeks and normally that would be impossible right in the middle of spring.

I’m a complete convert at this point! I have both my parents grounded now and am basically a walking billboard at this point. My boyfriend still thinks I’m a nutcase and that this all has to be some sort of coincidence but to me that seems more far-fetched. I’ve also purchased the patches and sandals and really look forward to my new lease on life!”

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