We have had a number of reports from individuals with hypothyroid who have been able to reduce their thyroid medication dosage.  We strongly recommend doing so only under the supervision of a doctor.  We believe that grounding improves thyroid function, but do not know the mechanism.

●  From a woman in Georgia: “I had been diagnosed hypothyroid in 1997. As of late 2010, I had been on 2 grains (160 mg) of desiccated thyroid (Armour). My TSH consistently ran around .01 and my Free T3 and Free T4 tested in the mid-range which was where I felt best. My dose was divided so I took 1 tablet in the morning and another at bedtime.

“Prior to using grounding products, I stood outside barefoot on the ground several times a day. I had fairly fast results.  And after doing that I experienced hyperthyroid symptoms: anxiety, nervousness, rapid heartbeat.  My TSH blood work came in at .0001.  The doc I was seeing said to cut back on the thyroid meds.

“I cut back to 1 grain per day (1 tablet).  After a number of days, I still felt hyper so using a pill splitter, I cut back to one half grain.  Still having feelings of restlessness and anxiety.  I cut that back to 20 mg of Armour, one-eighth the initial dose I had been on.  I have remained at that dose since for several months, using a grounding mat at the computer and a grounding sheet at night.

“My energy is up all day.  My thinking is clear.  I have none of the symptoms of low thyroid other than dry skin. I feel better than I ever felt on medication.”

●  “After sleeping grounded for little more than a month I can report that I have never slept more soundly. I now enjoy vivid, colorful, logical dreams. I don’t wake up stiff in the morning. I have more energy. This is a very big deal because I have Hashimoto’s Disease and that can really sap your strength! I honestly don’t have any more issues with fatigue at all, and I used to collapse almost every afternoon! (Note: Hashimoto’s disease, an automimmune condition affecting the thyroid gland, is a common cause of hypothyroidism).
“Most incredibly, my husband, who has experienced severe chronic pain since a 1992 car accident, immediately experienced relief. He no longer contends with neck and/or back pain on a daily basis. He is in a much better mood, can concentrate better, and is happy!”

●  “I have been Earthing for 1 year and my thyroid values came back improved, and the pain I had in my knee for 40 years has also disappeared. Before grounding, I had an occasional short stabbing pain in my breast for years. It was concerning me, but once doing grounding these pains disappeared. I’m so happy.”

● From Tom, 70, who has been grounding since 2015, using a half-sheet. He has been diagnosed with a thyroid condition and macular degeneration. He reports “off thyroid meds, allergies better, sleep better, and eyes have not become worse. No advanced macular degeneration.”

Hashimoto’s Disease: From Vicky Lott, Nottinghamshire, England: “I’ve just had a call from my doctor following a thyroid function blood test on Monday. They want to reduce my medication yet again! I’ve had Hashimoto’s disease for 30 years and before earthing my medication had slowly creeped up but since starting grounding in July last year, I’ve reduced it by 2/3. I only started grounding to help with insomnia so I’m very pleased with this.”

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