•  “I have been grounding for a number of years and do so daily. I was most impressed a few years ago when I had a molar in my lower jaw to go ballistic. Before I could get it extracted, I decided to apply an earthing patch to my jaw. Prior to applying the patch, I rated the pain in my jaw at an 8 out of 10. It was quite painful. Within 30 minutes of applying the earthing patch, I rated the pain at about a 2 out of 10. What relief and this was without taking any pain medication. Earthing is great for reducing inflammation.”

• From George Obregon, San Jose, California:  “The other day, I was in terrible pain from a toothache. I immediately walked around the corner to a park, found damp soil underneath leaves and other brush.  I doffed my shoes and socks, planted my two feet flat on the surface of the damp soil.  Within 15-minutes, I was relieved of my terrible pain. It was so glorious to experience.”

· “I used a patch on my cheek when I had a crazy painful toothache. Pain subsided about 90% in 2 days. Cancelled trip to dentist.”

A Brief Guide to Earthing


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