Arthritis (Osteo)

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Hand arthritis

● From Danilo Psico, an electronics engineer in Sao Paulo (2020):  I would like to share the experience of my grandmother, 86. She has osteoarthritis in her hands and after only six days of sleeping with Earthing patches on the palms (one on each palm), she is able to move her fingers again. She is very happy! I’ve been trying to get her grounded since September 2019 and she finally gave in. I had to insist a lot!  She also has the Earthing mat on her bed and pillow cover which improved her sleep.”

● From Stan Fong, 64, Sacramento, retired television technical director and guitar teacher (2020): “The arthritis in my fingers was bothering me. As a guitar player, I would have to warm up a while to loosen up.  I couldn’t make a fist without having a hard time with my fingers. I was taking tart cherry juice for the condition before which got rid of 90% of the joint stiffness. When I began Earthing I stopped the cherry juice to see if the Earthing had any effect on my arthritis. Since Earthing and not taking the cherry juice, my fingers feel fine. I can make a fist now. I also don’t have to warm up as much on the guitar.”

● From Karen Ball, 63, massage therapist, Beaverton, OR: “In 2011, I was in terrible shape. I had developed arthritis in my right pinky. It was swollen and bent, and painful when I put pressure on it during my work as a massage therapist. The joint has straightened dramatically (though not completely yet) and is much more normal now. I can now put maximum pressure on it without any problem. I had pain in one wrist and that went away as well.”

● From Jennifer Finlay, Feb 2022: “I had arthritis pain in my hands and predominantly in my thumb joints. Since grounding no pain!”

Knee arthritis

● From CL, a 62-year-old woman in Colorado (2020): “I was able to squat for the first time in 6 years after 4 weeks of grounding. I have severe arthritis in both knees after an injury 6 yrs ago. That is very cool and I am looking forward to more positive change.”

● From an Arizona sales manager of fitness equipment: “Three weeks ago I started grounding since with the sheet at night and the mat by day. The effects have been nothing short of miraculous. I had a tibial plateau (shinbone) fracture about 13 years ago. It was cracked in 5 places on the articular surface of the tibia. Over the years it had become more arthritic so I treated it with a daily intake of chondroitin and glucosamine. This had enabled me to continue to be active, but over the last year or so it was becoming more inflamed and painful. If I were to skip more than a few days of my supplement intake, the knee would be very painful and limit my activity level.

“The first day I started grounding I decided to stop taking the supplements and see if the grounding alone would have a positive effect. After a few days of grounding had gone by I was dumbfounded by the lack of pain in my knee so I decided to test it more. I hadn’t been able to run much lately because of the pain and swelling so I decided to take a run on the street as this would definitely cause some irritation and pain. Well, the next day no pain!

“I have a background in exercise physiology so the science of this made sense to me but I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact of pain for 13 years and in a matter of a few days it had disappeared. I was beginning to think this was all in my head!

“So to test it more, I decided to get a real litmus test by doing squats in the gym which always jacks up the knee and of which I hadn’t done in several months to a year. To my utter surprise and delight, no ensuing pain or inflammation! I’ve continued to test it with additional running and another bout with squats with the same result……no pain or inflammation! It has been 3 weeks now without any supplementation with virtually no discomfort or inflammation in my knee at all. I seriously am pinching myself!

“In addition, I have experienced less post exercise muscle pain from my workouts. This became very evident when I embarked on the squat workout. Anyone who works out will know, when you workout a muscle group hard that you hadn’t worked out in months, like I hadn’t with the squats, better be ready for some serious muscle soreness the next 3 days. Well, I had very minimal muscle pain day one and NONE the 2nd, 3rd days. Pretty amazing! I have also experienced deeper sleep, an overall calmness and a more balanced energy throughout the day.”

● “My wife is an ex-dancer, and developed wear-and-tear arthritis in her knees, quite severely in the right knee. She doesn’t want to take medication or undergo knee replacement surgery. For the last eight years she has been sleeping grounded, and has no problem sleeping. During the afternoon she will apply a patch to each knee after the pain has intensified from daily activity and she is relaxing, watching TV or reading. She says the patches usually give her major relief in about 10 minutes.”

Hip and knee arthritis

● From a woman in Alberta, Canada (2019): “We see tons of snow for 4 months and minus 30-40. But the rest of the year I don’t touch the mat hardly at all (except for sleeping). It’s a game-changer for me. I have both knees and hips with severe osteoarthritis and a fractured L4, L5 that never healed properly. My knees and hips are actually regaining range of motion. I can do stairs (carefully) and I haven’t had pain in my lower back or swelling on my feet and legs for quite a while. Only a few months in but better results than ever before.”

Shoulder arthritis 

● From Martin Weezorak:  “When I heard about grounding, I wanted to see if it could do anything for me. Being a pipe fitter and working with my arms most of my adult life, I developed osteoarthritis in my shoulders. I also have psoriatic arthritis which shows up with lower back pain, and severe psoriasis. I have been living with this for at least 10 years.

“I was told by doctors 17 years ago that I needed to have both my shoulders replaced. Because of my bad shoulders I have not had a good night sleep for those 17 years, because of my constant tossing and turning in pain all night long.

“So to ground myself I took a piece of 12 gauge solid copper wire and striped it, laid it across my bed and plugged it into the ground of my electrical outlet, I slept with my bare back on the wire.  I checked my ground at the outlet to make sure I had a good ground.

“I have to tell you the first night I tried this I slept through the night without pain, and woke up feeling great. I have been doing this for about two months. The pain in my shoulders has been reduced more than 50% compared to before. I’m sleeping much better.  I thank God for finding this. I have since replaced the copper wire with a grounding throw and a wrist band I bought from

“I believe everyone should ground themselves to the earth as often as they can for their health; this probably is the greatest discovery of all times, as far as I am concerned. I am praying by continuing with the grounding my body will eventually heal the psoriasis which would be another great relief. I only wish I would have found out about grounding earlier.”

Thumb arthritis

● “I had arthritis in my left thumb and was beginning to develop diabetes type 2. I started sleeping grounded and now, after four days, no more arthritic pain, no diabetes from testing this morning, and my back is more relaxed than ever. Sleep is great.”

 Foot arthritis

● A woman from Maine told us in 2011 that since sleeping grounded she experienced major relief from arthritic pain in her right foot, something she had unsuccessfully tried to resolve for more than a decade. Two years later, she said the pain hadn’t gone away completely, but what she has noticed is that “if I don’t ground myself, it’s worse. I went away for a weekend and forgot the mat and found my foot to be more painful and inflamed and it took a few nights to get back to where I was.”

From a 64-year-old woman in Finland: “For years I have had a difficult osteoarthritis in my toes. Day and night pain. I had to take painkillers every evening in order to get any sleep. In addition, my feet felt cold despite being warm as the inflammation pain caused a cold feeling. To sleep, I had to sometimes wear several pairs of socks. After starting to use the Earthing sheet, I haven’t needed painkillers or socks at night. The pain is relieved and my feet are no longer cold.”

● From a woman in the U.K.: “I have been Earthing for more than two years. I started with an Earthing sheet which seemed to help with night sweats but I was far from convinced. Next I tried an Earthing mat which I used in all sorts of ways on computer, resting my feet on whilst watching TV, etc. My arthritic foot improved noticeably; the swelling went down and I thought my knees did not ache so much. I decided to ‘flood’ my body with Earthing processes as my ailments were all inflammation based. My lifelong eczema disappeared leaving just one 2 cm mild patch that only flares up now and again. I came off the steroid creams. I realised that astonishingly I no longer suffer from hay fever. I have more energy and my chronic obstructive pulmonary disease improved so much that I resumed my rambling walks. I am glad that I stuck with it.”

Psoriatic arthritis

● “I have suffered with psoriatic arthritis (inflammatory type, like rheumatoid) for about eight years. I stopped using some of the stronger drugs because of the side effects, and have been trying to control the symptoms with NSAIDs (Naproxen). The pain and swelling in my hands, feet, and knees were severely limiting, and to the point of not being able to pick up anything with my left hand, or rising from a chair without help. I began Earthing myself at night and using Earthing patches on the most painful areas during the day. In two weeks, the benefits have been profound. The pain in my knees is almost gone, and my hands are much less swollen and painful. Yesterday I picked up a full cup of coffee with my left hand!! It’s been over a year since I was able to do that. I put Earthing patches on my 89-year-old mother, and it helps the pain in her back. Because of all this, I’m jumping for joy and I’m really jumping!!”

● Cindi, West Virginia. It has been a life-changing God-send for me. I have Psoriatic Arthritis and it has allowed me to take my normal life back. I can function now and my pain is much less than before. I’ve been sleeping on an earthing mat for about 7 months and hope to do it for the rest of my life.

General arthritis

● CG, male, 74, and wife, 66, from Utah. My wife has pretty bad arthritis, and Earthing makes the pain go away. We just feel better. My heart, maybe 90% improvement. My wife’s arthritis, 90% improvement. When we have traveled overseas we take a 1/2 sheet with us, wake up next morning absolutely no jet lag.”

● From Lorraine Lopez, 47, Lancaster CA, wrote us in January 2020 with the following report:  “I’m a busy mother of five, with five pets as well.  I have all the Earthing products, including bands, patches, and the bed mat. I first started Earthing in mid-September by going barefoot outside on the grass during the week and on weekends at the beach while we stayed on our boat. In December, I started sleeping grounded. When I was 25, I was involved in an accident and broke all my ribs on one side, as well as an arm, hand, leg, foot, and collar bone. Since hitting 40 or so, every winter I‘ve developed excruciating arthritic pain. I just noticed a week ago that now I wake up without any aches and pains. I’m actually walking all over town now even in the cold!”

● From a reader of the Earthing book on Amazon (March 2018):  “I feel weird writing this. Grounding works. It really does but I feel awkward telling people about it. They look at you like you’ve lost your mind. How can connecting with the earth heal your body. It sounds too simple, too easy, too good to be true. But I have to tell you it works to reduce your inflammation which is what causes so much of my pain. My osteoarthritis pain has diminished substantially, my gums are less swollen (as noticed by my dentist), and I heal very quickly from minor injuries. I know this sounds stupid and I can’t help how it sounds. But if you are in pain, you have nothing to lose. It doesn’t require health insurance, a prescription from a doctor, or any difficult treatments. Just connect with the earth and it will provide energy to heal you. Get over your embarrassment and give it a try. You won’t regret it.”

● From a review of the Earthing book on Amazon (2020): “So I thought this was a bunch of quackery. However, after watching Clint’s documentary, decided to try this earthing thing out. I’ve been earthing almost every day by going barefoot on the grass and dirt. Miraculously, my painful and swollen knee has improved and swelling gone down? Also, I’ve lost some weight? I’m thinking because earthing reduces stress and in return reduces cortisol. I suffer from arthritis pain throughout and now I hardly have any? I am convinced this is the real deal. Have made earthing a Lifestyle.”

● From Robert and Patricia, Kansas. We are 75 and 71, and began earthing and using the bed mat, uni mats, pillow covers and patches within the last year. All arthritic aches are gone! Energy level is up! Mental clarity is enhanced! We have and are sharing this information with everyone we know. Our daughter had her doctor amazed at her reduction of inflammation. It is helping a friend with ALS and a friend with Parkinson’s. Thanks to Clint Ober!!!!! We are living better now than ever before…..we will never stop sharing this information…the book….the movie.

● “I have suffered from Achilles tendonitis in my right foot for many months and was starting to get it in my left foot. The pain when I got out of bed was excruciating, a 9 on a pain level of 1-10. After 4 weeks of grounding (with a half-sheet and mat) the pain level is about 4-5 now and the pain in my left foot has gone. My husband suffers from pain in his shoulders, hips, and back which we believe is osteoarthritis. The shoulder and hip pain is mostly gone and the back pain has reduced by 30%.”

● From an elderly Australian couple: “Our benefits have been quite remarkable after a month of Earthing. My wife, Anni, 74, is a stroke victim and has heart failure. She is on warfarin (Coumadin), and after only a couple of days of sleeping on a grounded sheet, she was able to drop her dose of warfarin from 5mg to 2mg, She is also sleeping much better and generally feeling better and less stressful. Myself, 76, suffering from arthritis and benign prostatic hypertrophy, but generally healthy, have had a remarkable improvement in both my arthritis pain level and also my prostate. I can now sleep right through the night, without having to get up for a wee. I feel much more relaxed and not so tired and grumpy during the day.”

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