Conditions :”D”

Root Canal

· “Used the patch after a root canal and didn’t have to take any pain medication. Swelling was gone within hours.”


• From Phil Bohlken (October 2022): Pain and sleep Message Body: I have been grounding nearly four years. A copper patch on my home crafted wire is pressed between my shoulder and the mattress when I sleep. Less than a week ago I had a tooth extraction. I was not aware of pain from it. …

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● From Elisha C, 36, Delray Beach, Florida (2020): “For the last 3 years, I’ve been on an anti-depressant and anxiolytic for postpartum depression and PTSD. My hair had been falling out and no matter what I did my weight kept creeping up. Each time I tried to stop I had to increase the dose. …

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● “I have been using Earthing for a couple of weeks now, with some great relief. Pains in my body and some digestive discomfort which it has relieved. I’ve had irritable bowel like symptoms for several months although never been diagnosed. Most of this has cleared up now though! I read the book and all …

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●   From Wayne, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, (2020): “The 1st of August I stumbled upon The Earthing Movie, and instantly became curious. On one side I was skeptical, but to the other side of me it made sense in the simplest of ways. The next morning I got up, did ti chi and qigong, had …

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