Eyes & Vision

• “I’ve been grounding for about 2 months now. I had an eye doctor appointment last week and my eyesight, which has been progressively getting worse over the past 40 years, has suddenly started to improve in both eyes, near and far, and the astigmatism is no longer there. The only thing that I’ve been doing differently is grounding.”

• “Intraocular pressure is the main risk factor for glaucoma, and my wife, (73), is concerned because her mother had it. So my wife goes to an ophthalmologist annually for an eye exam. When we purchased our Earthing half-sheet two years ago, I suggested to my wife that her intraocular pressure would probably go down. Sure enough, it went down from the low twenties to eighteen and has stayed low. The normal range is ten to twenty, so eighteen is pretty good.”

• From a 69-year-old man in Finland with dry eye: “I have been using the Earthing sheet for a year. I used to suffer with very itchy and painful eyes. The doctor said my eyes were dry and told me to use eye drops. I tested every possible drop and lotion, but it always felt like I had sand in my eyes. After starting to ground myself, the itch was gone from my eyes. I haven’t needed to put anything into my eyes.  Other things I have noticed: my musculature is much more relaxed. The tension in my shoulders, for example, which previously hindered turning my head to the side, is much better now. If my muscles become sore after physical strain or work, they are completely normal in the morning without any sign from the previous day’s exertions.”

• From Benoit Séguin, 53, Ste-Marie-Salomé, Québec, Canada (2019):  “I used to have problems reading before going to bed.  My eyes would send me signals of weakness. Now, after a full year of grounding (i.e., sleeping on a grounding mat and walking barefoot regularly), I can read before going to bed without any problem.  I also have the impression that my eyesight is slightly improving, at least in my right eye.”

● EMB, 60, male, from Alberta. Canada, been grounding many hours both indoors (universal mat at desk and TV chair, sleep mat) and grounded footwear outdoors. “For more than 10 years my partner and I have been committed to the healing power of the Earth. Been perfectly healthy.  Been symptom free this flu season. Not even seasonal allergies. Many benefits, most of which have elevated us to a new state of health that we don’t notice as much as we did at the beginning. Sleep improvements, muscle and joint, vision, immune system and inflammatory modulation.”

● From Nancy in Lakeville, MN (2019): “I immediately noticed sleeping & waking completely refreshed. Extra energy. In a month, spring allergies = gone. Overall feeling of wellness. Shoulder injury pain gone. Haven’t had it tested yet but feel improved eyesight. Feeling grateful for everything experienced so far & sharing with everyone that will listen. Grounding is truly the missing link for overall wellness.”

● From Susie Good (2022): “My husband just had to start checking the grids used for macula degeneration diagnosis. Last week it was wavy lines in one eye. Today it was quite a bit less. This after 1 week of grounding. Caveat, he is also taking some special prescribed vitamin formula for MD too, but I wouldn’t expect that to work this fast. I am hoping my glaucoma improves too.”

● From Nancy Lee (2022): I have been grounding for a month now and I think my vision is getting better. I could not read at night. I was surprised that now I can read a book at night. I guess is a side effect of grounding. Yayyy.

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