Conditions “B”

Bone fracture

● From an Arizona sales manager of fitness equipment: “Three weeks ago I started grounding since…

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Body Odor

● From Jennifer Watanabe, 64, Pearl City, Hawaii: “For 6 years I had an undiagnosed…

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·  Badly bruised toe: My husband banged his toe really bad. The pain was intolerable…

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Bell’s Palsy

“I had Bell’s Palsy due to Lyme infection and Earthing made a huge contribution to…

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● From a woman in Australia: “For a few years I was experiencing bursitis pain…

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Back Pain

● From Alyssa Kelly (January 2023): “Just wanted to share a good small success story…

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Blood Oxygenation

Gerhard Gruber, age 69, living in Wels, Austria I recently made another important discovery success…

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● Some years ago, we had a report from an Australia acupuncturist who burned himself…

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From a doctor in 2020:  “I have a brother who has had to be admitted…

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• From a technical engineer in the telecommunication industry in 2011:  “My lungs kept getting…

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